Nuts About Southwest Blog Relaunches

Filed as Uncategorized on May 7, 2008 1:11 am

Southwest Airlines have relaunched their blog, Nuts About Southwest, on their second birthday (sort of):

Thanks for joining us on our slightly belated birthday celebration as we roll out our exciting new Nuts About Southwest platform, or as we call it around here, our “blog 2.0 site.” Don’t worry, this is still the Southwest Airlines blog, and you haven’t landed in a time warp! Rest assured, everything you liked before is still here, but we have added a lot of new “stuff” that will give you more choices in information and even provide you the ability to personalize your Nuts experience.

The Nuts About Southwest blog is often referred to as a good example of how companies should embrace blogging. Via.


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  1. By Spamboy posted on May 14, 2008 at 10:57 am
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    Are they still using WordPress? I can’t quite tell anymore.


  2. By Mike posted on October 14, 2009 at 4:05 am
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    I like to see that Southwest at least is reaching out to customers by blogging and entering a platform like this. They’re not always the best posts, but there are some enjoyable user opinions on top of the informative posts Southwest employees provide.

    Here’s one I particularly enjoyed:


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