May 10, 2008

Mowser lives on after sale to dotMobi

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Russell Beattie, who we earlier profiled as eating more than buttered macaroni as his startup Mowser failed to catch on, has sold the property to dotMobi.

Russell states on his blog:

This is great news – Miker and I got pinged by a surprising number of people and companies interested in Mowser, but we went with dotMobi because they were first, enthusiastic, and we felt they would provide a good home for our work. While we didn’t get rich on the deal by any stretch, I’ve been able to pay off a bunch of debts (and not worry about stuff like rent and food) which has been a huge load off my mind.

TechCrunch also covers the story.


Liveblogging from Minnebar 2008 today

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I’m at Minnebar 2008, the unconference being held here at the University of Minnesota. We’re just about ready to kick this thing off.

There’s an anticipated 400 attendees here today – I’ll be twittering and liveblogging as the day goes on.

Drop me a note or @reply via twitter if you’d like to hook up.

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