Buy and Sell Blogroll Links, and Fool Google is a new service to buy and sell text links on your blog, but without any scripts and therefor hard to track for Google. The idea is, of course, to nab a piece of the Text Link Ads cake, since it’ll be hard for search engines to slam down on you buying and selling text links when there’s no script to analyze.

That’s right, no script. If you’re a blog publisher, and someone buys a link in your blogroll, you’ll add it manually, and be paid a flat fee per month, or similar.

What do you think? Will Google tackle this as well, and find a way to penalize sites using this server, or is the TLA 2.0?

Hat tip: John Chow

WordPress Wednesday News: WordPress 5 Years Old, WordCamps International, WordPress 2.6 On Track, Plugin Competition is Hot, Genko Updated

WordPress is 5 years old. WordCamps in Philippines, New York, Toronto, Australia – everywhere. WordPress 2.6 new improvements and features coming out fast for August release. WordPress Plugin Competition heating up. by the numbers, and multilingual bloggers rejoice. Genko’s been updated.

WordPress News

WordPress 5 Years Old: Bloggers are celebrating all around the world as WordPress turns 5 years old. If you were lucky enough to be in San Francisco Tuesday, May 27, you could have been part of a party hosted by Matt Mullenweg and other WordPress fans. Did you celebrate WordPress turning 5?

WordCamps Sprouting Everywhere: Is there going to be a WordCamp near you? Thinking of starting one? Check in the calendar section below for a listing of the announced WordCamps, and WordPress Meetups, and where to find more information on how to start your own in your area.

WordPress 2.6 New Features: The following are recent announcements about new features and improvements in WordPress 2.6:

  • WordPress Development: Work continues on WordPress 2.6 and beyond. The WordPress Development Updates announced recently include updated jQuery and jQuery UI to the latest from the jQuery trunk, the ability to relocate the wp-config.php configuration file up one level from the blog install directory, support for Google Gears, a new style loader to complement the new script loader, drag and drop sortable gallery collections for the new Media Library, and adoption of the WordPress Theme preview ability which allows “lightbox” previews of Themes before you make your final selection.
  • Google Gears Meets WordPress: Google Gears support has been integrated into WordPress 2.6 to make blogging from one stop resource even easier.
  • WordPress Post Revisions – WordPress Meets Word Processing: Without a doubt, blogging is writing and one of the problems many have faced, including me, is how you can lose post information if your browser crashes or something goes wrong during the post creation phase, which is why I use a text editor to write my blog posts. In WordPress 2.6, Michael Adams reports on a new feature called “Post Revisions”, which will work with the autosave feature to store a history timeline of your blog posts so you can get protection from accidental changes, as can happen with multiple blogger blogs, and if something goes bork in the blog while posting.
  • Gravatars and Identicons in WordPress 2.6: Viper007Bond discusses the inclusion of Identicons with Gravatars coming to WordPress 2.6 and how this is going to improve gravatars and avatars in general in WordPress.
  • Password Secure Storage: Barry Abramson writes about mod_auth_mysql and phpass, a new patch for Apache authentication which works with the new WordPress secure password storage feature.

WordPress Plugin Competition: Weblog Tools Collection’s WordPress Plugin Competition for WordPress 2.5+ is on. They’ve published WordPress Plugin Competition Q&A to help answer your specific questions about the competition. Have you checked out last year’s winners? These Plugins continue to be some of the best of the best this year!
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Lifting up Serenity – Cancer hits a blogger’s family

Phil Burns is a blogger who I recently became aware of through Robert Scoble over this past weekend. He’s a father of eight children on the west coast who writes extensively on technology issues at His company also makes some blog related products as well.

On May 24th, Phil wrote a post entitled My Baby Might Have Leukemia, Phil told the story that had been haunting their family for the last few days [Read more…]

New Advertising Marketplace –

BloggingTips takes a look at a new advertising marketplace called

The new site, currently in a private beta and not yet open to the public, allows publishers and advertisers to buy and sell ads in a private marketplace. The site takes 25% for themselves as a commission on any ads sold – which is lower than alot of commissioned sales sites.

Here’s a look from BloggingTips’s review:

BuySellAds is not doing anything that hasn’t done before. Advertising marketplaces have been around for years however in my opinion BuySellAds has got everything right. The marketplace is very easy to browse and website ad pages have information on the sites Alexa traffic, Compete score, Google PageRank, Technorati links, Yahoo inbound links and number of bookmarks.

I’ve applied for their private beta and will hopefully have more to report soon…

The StatBot analyzes TechCrunch from A-W

The StatBot, an upcoming and coming blog focused on statistical analysis of the blogosphere, has posted an in-depth analysis of TechCrunch – and what they find is pretty interesting overall.

If you’ve followed TechCrunch, you know that the powerhouse blog breaks alot of stories, has a significant number of “inside” sources, and a solid stable of writers. What you may not know is how alot of that breaks down statistically – and how that has powered its continued growth.

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Sarah Perez: “The B-List is the new A-List”

Sarah Perez, founder of the Grand Effect blog network, have a lot to say in an interview with BloggerTalks (edited and published by me, full disclosure). Among other things this about pulling together a select few talented tech bloggers in the network:

Some may can them “B-List” bloggers, but I think the B-List is the new A-List! As smaller blogs, none of them could compete on an individual basis with larger sites, but by combining all our talents, traffic numbers, and subscribers, we have something to offer to advertisers who want to reach this niche audience.

For more on this, check out the interview with Sarah over at BloggerTalks.

Darren Rowse in the News

Darren Rowse, of ProBlogger fame, was featured in an Australian news story on the TEN network. You can see it here, it’s a pretty good piece actually, although a bit short and scratching the surface.

On a related note, Darren took the chance to pimp the ProBlogger Book, and also published a welcome post for people arriving from the TEN News story. A good way to say hi and let newcomers in.

Congratulations Darren!

AudioJungle Launches, Marketplace for Loops

Eden launches AudioJungle, a community for selling music loops, jingles, and stuff like that. Much like another Eden site, FlashDen, which you might know off. Adrien wrote the launch post, and Collis pimped it even more over at Nettuts, PSDtuts, and Freelance Switch, all sites in the Eden network.

Congratulations on your launch, I wouldn’t be surprised if AudioJungle will be a nice little cash flow for sound and music producers, and a great source for podcasters.