Colleen and Rachel on Cocktails and Hard Alcohol

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Drinks After Dark is a booze-focused new blog in the b5media blog network, with b5 veteran Rachel Segal and recently interviewed (both here and on BloggerTalks) Colleen Coplick behind the keyboard. The latter says:

I have a deeply ingrained love of cocktails, and even the culture surrounding them. The method in which to properly drink absinthe for example. The fact that tequila is not just for shots.

…while the former describes the blog like this:

  • What’s a good wine choice for a picnic?
  • Can you really tell the difference between a Vodka Redbull and a Vodka Rockstar?
  • How many carbombs are too many when out with your coworkers?

1. Almost any Chardonnay.
2. Yes, but why would you want to?
3. Don’t blow up cars.

Good luck with the new blog!


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  1. By Rachel posted on June 3, 2008 at 6:42 am
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    Thanks for the mention/answers, Thord! Agreed on #1 and #3, but come on…#2 can be handy (albeit expensive) when you’re obligated to be out and would rather be curled up with a good book. In other words…I think it’s a girl thing..? ;-)



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