Playboy Asks: Who’s the Hottest Female Blogger?

Oh wonderful, just wonderful. Guess what Playboy got out of the BoingBoing-Viloet Blue controversy? The gist of it, obviously, since it ends up in a poll on who is the hottest female blogger, with 9 talented women being pushed forward.

There are some familiar faces, such as the Loaded host Natali Del Conte, interviewed today on BloggerTalks, Xeni Jardin of BoingBoing, and Violet Blue of course.

Typical Playboy, right? Probably, but they’re not alone, as Michael Arrington points out, Wired did the same, and Ariel Waldman reminds us of another one of these things.


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    This is like one of those memes that won’t go away. They are spaced out though so it doesn’t seem like they are popping up all the time. I must admit though, Natali Del Conte is gorgeous.

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    You know, that’s really offensive. I though objectifying women was sooo last century. Oh wait. It’s Playboy. All they do is objectify women. Nevermind.


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