New York Times features Dooce in story about online advertising

The August 13th edition of The New York Times featured a story about Heather Armstrong, aka Dooce, and online advertising:

J. C. Penney and Crate & Barrel sell their furniture and offer decorating tips next to posts on Ms. Armstrong’s conversations with her 4-year-old daughter, Leta. Walgreens promotes its photo printing services next to pictures of the family dog. And the W Hotel chain of Starwood brags about its Internet-friendly rooms on the Dooce (pronounced deuce) home page.

These advertisers are eager to influence the 850,000 readers, mostly women, who avidly follow Ms. Armstrong’s adventures. Although Ms. Armstrong will not disclose exact numbers, Dooce’s revenue this year is on track to be seven times its size in 2006, according to Federated Media, which sells ads for the blog.

The article goes on to discuss online advertising trends, particularly advertising that is geared towards women – a significant growth area over the last few years.

Federated Media, Dooce’s advertising network, has a few additional details on their blog.


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