Ten Must-Have Twitter Tools for the Home Office Warrior

Over at his excellent Home Office Warrior blog, Grant Griffiths outlines 10 Must-Have Twitter Tools for the Home Office Warrior. Here’s a couple examples from his list:

  • My Tweeple can be used to make informed decisions when it comes to following people on twitter. You can use it to see who is following you and who you are following. And with a simple click, you can follow, unfollow, or block people all in one place.
  • Quotably is another way to follow the twitter conversations. What I do like about this service is that it puts the conversations in what appears to be threads. This is actually one feature I am hoping twhirl adopts soon.


  1. says

    Here’s a new Twitter tool that the home office warrior may find useful: MySocialChatter.com

    Simultaneously manage both Twitter and FriendFeed from the same browser window. You can simply leave the web page open on your desktop as you work and it will refresh both Twitter and FriendFeed every 60 seconds. No notifications, no interruptions.

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