Mainstream Media Still Stingy About Linking to Blogs?

Felix Salmon at has sour news for econobloggers. According to Salmon, blogs may have gained more respect over the past year among mainstream media publishers of economic news and opinion, but they are still not recognized by some as deserving of outbound links.

The latest evidence for this, as Salmon sees it, is the refusal by VoxEU, an economics news portal that has been called a blog before, to be included in Aaron Schiff’s popular directory of top economics blogs.

While I’m not so sure VoxEU is clearly a blog – it seems more like a blog-like aggregator to me – I think Salmon is absolutely right in asserting that mainstream media news sources are still generally reluctant to treat blogs as equally valuable (and linkworthy) disseminators of useful information.

What do you think?


  1. says

    Thanks for the link. I don’t think VoxEU could reasonably be called an aggregator, though, since the vast majority of its content is unavailable elsewhere. In a world where HuffPo is considered a blog, I think VoxEU must be.

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