Blogs Influence Buyers More Than Social Networks Do, BuzzLogic Study Finds

Buzzlogic LogoReaching for your wallet? You might just have read a blog article.

On Tuesday, BuzzLogic released a report called Harnessing the Power of Blogs which concludes that the blogosphere has more power than online social networks when it comes to shaping consumer buying decisions.

The report analyzes the results of a survey, conducted by JupiterResearch and sponsored by BuzzLogic, that asked 2,210 online consumers in the US about the ways in which different kinds of websites influenced their purchasing choices.

One conclusion of the survey: “Frequent” blog readers – that is, those who read blogs once or more each month – actually depend more on blogs to find other blog content than on any search engine.

Another interesting find: the number of people who read at least one blog a month has quadrupled since 2004.

The report is quite interesting and confirms some pet theories of mine – for instance, that blog search engines remain somewhat obscure, and that blog readers trust links on blogs even more than search results.

Before you start high-fiving yourself for blogging since 1999, keep in mind the survey’s finding that 50 percent of blog readers have never taken action as a result of seeing an advertisement on a blog.

What do you think of the new BuzzLogic research results?

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