Freelance Writing Jobs Expands, Becomes Blog Network

Freelance Writing Jobs is a great blog for writers, owned and founded in 2005 by Deborah Ng. Now the blog, who was one of Writer’s Digest’s 101 Best Sites for Writers, is branching out to a blog network, from 1 to 6 blogs:

“This is a natural progression for the site,” says Deborah Ng, who founded the site in May of 2005 to help work-at-home moms find better writing opportunities. “We have multiple contributors now. By providing six different blogs, we’re making it much more readable. Community members can subscribe to the different blogs rather than scrolling down deeper and deeper to find the content that interests them. This design will provide our readers with much more freedom.”*

The portal site is a bit unfocused right now, but splitting such a broad blog into six more focused ones is probably a good idea.


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    As Community Development Manager at, I have to say I’ve very impressed with what Deborah has created for freelancers. Now if only I could get the earning opportunities at up there prominently!?

    Barbara Whitlock

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    Hi Barbara,

    We already posted a free ad at FWJ for you, but if you’d like to talk about sidebar advertising opportunities, feel free to contact me.

    – Deb

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    Just checked out the site. Very interesting stuff as I am just learning about blogging and writing articles for cash.
    I know its been around awhile but would never have stumbled upon it without this post…..Thanks.

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