Blogging and that Anonymous Thing

Blogging. What does that even mean? I read David Risley’s post about his wife wanting to maintain an anonymity on a new blog she was doing, and his reaction is that it won’t work.

A lot of people have the instinct of clamming up. They don’t want to share details of their lives. They want to remain super private. They want to hide. If that’s you, fine! But don’t try to be a big-time blogger.

That’s probably true if she planned on doing, but what if it is a gadget blog with several writers? Do anyone care about Ryan Block? In fact, how many here even know who he is? [Read more…]

Exploring Social Media: The Motrin Moment Impact of Social Media

Exploring Social Media article series badgeHave you heard of Motrin? The pain reliever? If you hadn’t before this weekend, you probably have heard plenty about it now, especially on Twitter this weekend.

The debacle is described best in the article Advertising Age, “How Twittering Critics Brought Down Motrin Mom Campaign,” which explains how the Johnson & Johnson product offended mothers and fathers with an online and print ad for Motrin which claimed that some moms carry their babies around with baby body carriers as a “fashion statement” and summed it up with “Supposedly it’s a real bonding experience, but what about me?”

The outrage rocked the social media world. tweets on Motrin went berserk as people were outraged at this slam against parenthood and parent/child bonding. Within two days of mass online social outrage, the ad campaign was pulled and the Motrin’s website featured an apology saying: [Read more…]

Exploring Social Media: One Size Does Not Fit All

Social Media Remix Game - Aloha Hawaii version

Exploring Social Media article series is fascinating. It is a one-size-fits-all social media service, a kind of one-stop shop of social media tools. While a time-saving service, it is really good for only one thing: Starting the conversation.

Joseph Thornley quoted Jacob George, Manager, Corporate Marketing and Communications at The City of Calgary, recently on Twitter saying:

Social media must be part of a larger strategy to get the most value from it. It should not stand isolated on its own.

Just as one tool doesn’t do everything, not every tool is the right tool for the job. is a great service for broadcasting your news across many channels, but it isn’t the place to get personal and social. If you just want to send out a message, it’s great. When it comes to building a relationship, you have to dive into the specific social media tool that best serves your needs and the needs of your audience. [Read more…]

Movable Type Monday: Layoffs, Plugins, Screencasts, and More

Let’s get the bad news out of the way: In an effort to reorganize and cut their expenses, Six Apart is laying off 8% of their employees. Hopefully, those affected will get back on their feet quickly. The thing to watch is whether this slows development of Movable Type and how it impacts community involvement and documentation efforts.

Speaking of our community, let’s see what folks have been up to this week:


ToI Planning released several plugins last week. Their descriptions in the Plugins directory are lacking in details, but from ToI Planning’s website and trying the plugins myself, I think I’ve figured them out. [Read more…]

5 Holiday Copyright Hazards for Bloggers

For at least some sites and some bloggers, the holiday season has already begun on a rather depressing note. Sites that have posted prices or information from Wal-Mart’s upcoming “Black Friday” advertisements have already been threatened. At least one site, SearchAllDeals, has received a DMCA Takedown Notice regarding it.

Even though the copyright element of the claim is questionable, especially considering that you can not copyright facts, including prices, it is clear that the holidays can introduce a new set of copyright hazards for bloggers and other Webmasters.

So, as we rapidly approach the holiday season, here are five of the biggest copyright hazards that you may need to watch out for as you celebrate the season online. [Read more…]

A Hardcore Spanking, Web 2.0 Style

Getting punished never feels good, regardless of your age.

Years ago I was banned from Digg when I created a second account to praise my submissions. Not realizing that I was violating the TOS of the site, I was quickly ‘banned,’ my primary e-mail address unable to access Digg to this day.

Then came the Pay Per Post debacle. Sure I made some cash, but my blog tumbled from a Google PageRank of 5 to 1. And I don’t care what people say, it does make a difference. To date, I have yet to climb back to 5, even with traffic growth and good linkability.

The latest technology spanking came courtesy of Twitter. After underutilizing the service for quite some time, I went on a following blitz. Unbeknownst to me, there is a follow limit of 2,000 currently in place.

All of these situations could have been avoided had I done due diligence. Whether or not you agree with these policies, one thing is clear: I need to start reading the fine print!

I’m a big believer that early adopters of new technology get the worm, so I’m quick to pull the trigger. But I’m starting to think it makes more sense to do your research, have a plan to leverage the medium and let others act as guinea pigs.

What do you think?

If you’re looking for me, I’ll be in the corner with my dunce cap on.

Online Giants’ Ad Growth Halts

TechCrunch mashed together the online advertising revenues of the big 4, being Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL, for the third quarter. The result? Just 0.6% growth, which is still some $50 million increase, but pale in comparison. Read Erick Schonfeld’s post for graphs and more. Also, don’t miss the blog networks roundtable for some more bloggish thoughts on the current financial situation.

Exploring Social Media: Start With the Basics

Example of an over social business card

Exploring Social Media article series badgeIn Exploring Social Media: Social Media Tools, I featured a list of what other social media sites and experts recommend as their social media tools. Let’s take a step backwards and explore the basics you need to have in place as part of your core social media tools for bloggers and businesses as part of this ongoing series on Exploring Social Media.

While the concept of social media and social media tools confuses many, the basic social tools are ones you probably already have and use. You might not think of these as social media tools, but they are crucial to today’s communication strategies.

You probably understand why you need these, but let’s review the reasons you should have these basics in place to start your blog, online persona, business, or media campaign. [Read more…]

WordPress Wednesday News: 2.7 Delayed, Sneak Peak Video, Help WordPress iPhone, WordCamps

WordPress 2.7 is at beta version 2 and due for release the end of November. There is a sneak peek video of WordPress 2.7 and story on how it was developed. Lots of information you need to know on WordPress 2.7 and how to be ready for the new version. WordPress for iPhone needs testers. This week’s WordPress Showcase features education blogs using WordPress. WordCamps coming this weekend and already into 2009. WordCamp Israel has 560 signed up. WordCampED in Washington D.C. is sold out. Are you going to a WordPress event near you? Warnings still around about a malicious WordPress clone site. More reports of blogs using the old version of WordPress getting hacked. And a lot more WordPress news.

WordPress News

Testers Wanted for New WordPress iPhone Version: The WordPress for iPhone blog is requesting help testing the next version of their application. New features include landscape mode with an extra wide keyboard, link creation help, support for creating and editing Pages, comment moderation, asynchronous publishing, and photo resizing options.

Sneak Preview Video of WordPress 2.7: If WordPress 2.7 Was A Movie… features a video introduction on the new WordPress 2.7 interface and how easy it is going to be upgrade and adjust to the new format.

Vote for WordPress 2.7 Icons: The final vote for the new WordPress icons is being held on the WordPress 2.7: Project Icon page. If you would like to have your say in how the icons look for the next version of WordPress, go vote. Note that comments will be moderated and only those applicable to the discussion of the icons will be allowed.

WordPress 2.7 Development: The original release date of November 10 has been pushed back by at least two weeks, though may change as beta testing continues. Two beta versions of WordPress have been released, with WordPress 2.7 Beta 2 fixing a lot of the bugs found in Beta 1. Articles are coming out with news and information on the new version all around the web and include: [Read more…]

Blog Networks Roundtable: What Do the Network Heads Say?

There is no doubt that the current financial situation is hitting the web as well as the rest of the media industry. This is certainly one of the reasons why we’ve seen blog networks close, cut costs, or rationalize their portfolio. So is the blog network business model in trouble, and what does the established blog network hotshots thing about these things?

I decided to find out, in the first roundtable discussion here on the Blog Herald. That’s why I invited these fine blog network heavyweights to participate in the discussion.

  • Jeremy Wright, CEO of b5media
  • Collis Ta’eed, CEO of Envato
  • Mike Rundle, triad member of 9rules

So let’s get started and see what they have to say! [Read more…]