Google Reader Gets a Makeover

Google ReaderWhoa there, nelly! What did you do to my Google Reader? From a fairly sane look and feel, to this white mishmash of boxes? That can’t be good, can it?

That was, at least, my initial reaction to the new Google Reader design. After having played with it for a while, I find I like the collapsable boxes and although the design is a bit pale, the actual feed listings, especially in list view, is better than before. Check it out for yourself, or just read the Google Reader Blog roundup.


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    I was excited to hear that Google Reader was getting a facelift, but after seeing it, that excitement turned to frustrated disappointment. The new interface is ugly as sin, and buggy to boot. I desperately hope Google follows up with some serious redesign, taking into account the user feedback being provided:

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    Same here. I don’t like the new colors. I think the appearance is now really dull. However, I like the collapsible panels. I prefer much more Picasa Web or Google Maps websites.

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    I love it. :)

    The old design looked a bit old hat IMO, just like Google Mail did before it was recently retouched and given additional themes. I lovingly embrace this new style.

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    Not exactly (and the theme lives on).

    Its an “easter egg” theme (basically like a cheat in a video game to change the layout).

    If you follow this sequence: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A

    …a ninja should appear.

    I’m glad they kept the ninja, although I still wish it was prettier.

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