Pajamas Media Shutting Down Ad Network (Leaves Conservative Bloggers In The Poor House)



Pajamas Media, a conservative blog network/affiliate advertising company (note: think BlogAds) is shutting down their advertising network by April 1st, an item that caught many (conservative) bloggers off guard. (hat tip: Atlas Shrugged)

(Roger L. Simon) As a result we have decided to wind down the Pajamas Media Blogger and advertising network effective March 31, 2009. The PJM portal and the XPressBlogs will continue as is.

Since our ad relationship continues for the time being, you should note that in order to be paid for the 1st quarter of 2009, you must leave the current Pajamas ads up until 12:01AM April 1. We will be sending you information in mid-March on removing the ads. As of April 1, 2009, you will be free to arrange syndication or re-sale deals.

Pajamas Media initially launched their ad network in order to help boost conservative bloggers pocket books and “free” them from using “liberal alternatives” such as Google AdSense, Yahoo! Publisher and Microsoft Ads. [Read more…]

Coming Back Home to Your Blog?

Blogs could be in for a second wind. I am seeing more and more bloggers coming back to blogging with renewed energy and certainty that it is the right thing to do.

There are probably many reasons for this, and some cite the economic fragility for part of it, but I do not think this is the whole story. Why are people coming back to blogging after a time in the wilderness? [Read more…]

WordPress News: Logogate, WordCamps Everywhere,, BuddyPress, WordPressMU, WordPress Plugin Podcast, and More

WordPress Logogate continues. New WordCamps announced worldwide. is changing WordPress tutorials and resources. WordPressMU updated. BuddyPress released any day. Super Cache new version released. Matt featured in USAToday. Did you hug a WordPress Plugin developer recently? New podcast on WordPress Plugins announced. And tons more WordPress news, tips, techniques, Plugins, and Themes.

WordPress News

WordPress Logogate: Among Matt’s new year’s resolutions is to get the WordPress Community using the correct WordPress logo. He’s created a comparison image to convince everyone to use the right logo, but that wasn’t enough. Many thought the difference between the two was the color when it’s reallyl the font. So he’s created a new specific version to help you understand:

WordPress Correct font logo example

Color it whatever you want, but use the right base to start with. The font counts. When playing with the WordPress logo, start with the Official WordPress logos.

Also, WordPress is spelled WordPress not WordPress. To make this part of his new year’s resolutions come true, he’s written a script to force WordPress into WordPress across all of the 5 million plus blogs on . Instant gratification.

Our Matt: Our favorite blogger and WordPress fanboy is making it big. In a recent USAToday article on WordPress Founder Matt Mullenweg, they talk to some of the big wigs behind WordPress love and even interview his mother to get a peek at the roots of WordPress magic. [Read more…]

Financial Times Blogging From Davos, Twitter Hashtag More Interesting?

The World Economic Forum in Davos will spark a lot of blog posts and stories, as usual. Among the coverage is the Financial Times Davos Blog, which most likely will be one of the leading sources of opinion and debate from Davos. However, I wonder if the Twitter hashtag #davos won’t attract more attention? I know that will be my main source of information, at least. This is the strength of Twitter, and microblogging overall. It is so easy to push out a short opinion, a link to an interesting story, or to react on what’s happening at events like these.

So if you’ve got something to say concerning the World Economic Forum, just add #davos to your tweets.

German Business Newspaper Invites the Blogosphere, Using Twingly

Twingly widget on

Twingly widget on Handelsblatt.comThe Twingly widget (read more about the blog and enterprise version), which links to blogs linking the page it is on, is spreading. The most recent client is, a German financial site.

We are very happy to announce today that, which to people not familiar with German media can be described as the Financial Times of the German-speaking world, is starting to link back to blogs using Twingly.

They’ve got their own announcement story as well, in German of course. Mine is a bit rusty I’m afraid, but you can always run it through Google Translate if you’re curious.

You can find the widget in the right column, just scroll down and loog for the box. It’s a bit anonymous perhaps, but it is certainly better than ignoring the blogosphere, so kudos to the Germans on this one!

Why Typos and Factual Errors Could be Killing Your Blog Readership

gooseGrade Homepage

gooseGrade HomepageAre you a stickler for spelling, grammar and syntax? Have you ever turned away from a blog or website because you found a factual error?

gooseGrade Survey: People Care About Typos and Factual Mistakes on Blogs and Social Media

Do your blog readers care whether you can spell Barack Obama?

A 2008 survey conducted by gooseGrade, a crowdsourcing editing tool for bloggers and social media content creators, tried to find out how much consumers of new media content really care about typos and factual mistakes. (See TechCrunch’s database entry on gooseGrade.)

The survey had 175 respondents and resulted in data such as the following: [Read more…]

The Types of People Who Read My Blog

These are the folks reading my blog. Let me know if your experience varies.

EGOMANIACS: Friends, acquaintances – dare I say enemies – who want to see if I’m writing about them. They also want to get the inside track on what I’m up to for their own personal gain.

COMPETITION: They visit the blog to see what I’m covering since they desperately lack creativity.

These folks feel like they ‘know me.’ They comment on every post, send e-mails with leads and can be considered ‘#1’ fans. It’s nice…but a little scary.

ANONYMOUS: They come, they go. If they return, it will likely be by accident.

This person stops by every few weeks. They’ll occasionally comment. They like your blog, but not enough to visit every day or become actively involved.

IP LOOKUP FREAK: Just because you attended fourth grade with someone apparently gives them license to ‘find you.’ They search high and low, discovering your blog while making a concerted effort to find you.

GOLDILOCKS: In my opinion, the best of the bunch. This reader is not too hot, not too cold; they maintain a nice balance. They pledge their allegiance to your blog but have a life beyond it.

Any other reader types you’ve experienced?

Fake David Bowie on Twitter: Get Used to It

Glanced over the music headlines and read some David Bowie spokesperson denying that is the artist. The one tweet has gotten the Twitter account a whopping 2,147 followers:

Cheers from a snowy Berlin! Working on some new material!

One tweet, published on January 5th, and a David Bowie picture and account name was all that was needed to gather that crowd. I’m sure you all see where this could lead in the future, what an excellent way to spam people. Pretend to be someone with fans, get them to follow you, trick them to buy stuff that you endorse. Problem is, the actual person your pretending to be isn’t getting any of the action, nor is she or he actually involved.

We better get used to the Twitter frauds. The more mainstream the service gets, the more we’ll see.

Michael Arrington Takes a Break After Death Threat and Spit Attack

There’s no doubt that being successful can annoy people, and TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington has gotten a fair share of haters out there. I doubt he didn’t expect that, he’s pretty straight-forward in his posts over at TechCrunch, and I can see people being annoyed by this guy. I can even see them being pissed off.

But walking up and spitting him in the face? I can’t see what Arrington might’ve done to deserve that.

Nor does he deserve to have serious death threats and having to hide out at his parents’ house. That is so totally wrong, and I sincerely hope and believe that you all agree with me. You don’t have to be an Arrington fan to be upset with the development of things detailed in a recent TechCrunch post on the subject. It is a matter of free speech, people!

While I think Arrington probably needs that vacation breather far away from iPhones and Macbooks for several reasons, I also hope that this isn’t a sign of things to come. You can’t bully print journalists, you can’t bully bloggers, and most importantly: We can’t accept it!

Moving to Mobile

The vast majority of the online world is focused around full size screens and mainstream browsers, but increasingly the web is going mobile. How does this change how we work with and create content?

Big noises are being made around the money iPhone application creators are making, but I am not convinced dedicated applications are always the best solution. [Read more…]