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Technorati have been analyzing what we’re linking to, and not surprisingly it is mostly blogs. 61% of the links in fact, according to the State of the Blogosphere study. 46% is, however, “non-blog web content” to use the words of Jen McLean. That’s interesting of course, and Technorati are kind enough to supply us with the most linked list over the last 30 days.

They’re calling it the Technorati Attention Index, and this is the first one then:

New York Times
BBC News
Washington Post
Yahoo! News
Los Angeles Times
The Wall Street Journal
USA Today
FOX News
Daily Mail
CBS News
Financial Times
San Francisco Chronicle
Chicago Tribune
The White House
New York Post
New York Daily News
International Herald Tribune
New York Magazine
San Francisco Examiner
Chicago Sun-Times
US News & World Report
Houston Chronicle
Yahoo! Sports
Entertainment Weekly
Seattle Times
E! Online
Science Daily
The Christian Science Monitor

This will be a monthly thing, so hopefully we’ll get some cool data so that we can track what’s hot and what’s not outside the blogosphere, using blog linkage as a tracking tool. In fact, Technorati, give me graphs on this, preferably semi-realtime!

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  1. By Rob posted on March 11, 2009 at 11:58 am
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    Seeing how many of these websites are published by newspapers and magazines, it’s no wonder their print advertising revenue is in the toilet.


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