Blogger Conference Calendar 2009 Now Live at TBH


blog-conferencesHi everyone! Just a quick weekend announcement to let you know about a new resource page from The Blog Herald.

It’s the Blog Conferences page, and while it’s very much a work in progress, we present it to you with the invitation to help us make it the best list anywhere (and map, and calendar) of upcoming conferences and events for bloggers.

There’s a 2009 blogging conferences map that lets you look at the locations of offline events, as well as a calendar that lets you see when each event is taking place.

And of course we’ve got an itemized list, chronologically sorted, of this year’s planned blogger meetups (BlogWorld,BlogHer, Web 2.0 Summit, etc.).

Well, what are you waiting for? Head on over to our new blogger conference list and let us know if there’s any information you’d like to add!

Sunday Morning SEO: How to Use Anchor Text Effectively (Part 2)

In part one of this series, I gave a couple tips on using anchor text effectively including doing research on keywords and then inserting the keywords in your post titles.  Here is part two where we’ll look at other tips including optimizing internal anchor text and avoiding anchor text spam.

Optimize Your Internal Links.

Internal links are links that point to a page within the same website. These links should be optimized since they actually help with rankings. Anchor text from external links, or links from other sites, is more effective than internal links, so don’t just rely on internal anchor text. However, since you control the anchor text of your internal links, it makes sense to optimize them.

For example, look back at the first sentence of this post. I could’ve linked back to part one of this series like this:

In part one of this series, I gave a couple tips on using anchor text effectively including doing research on keywords and then inserting the keywords in your post titles.

Instead, I used the anchor text using anchor text effectively since it has the relevant keyword, anchor text. [Read more…]

44 Days Until Yahoo360 Closes Shop

It’s an unfortunate reality that some children never make it to adulthood. In the same vein, some Websites never graduate from beta.

Finally succumbing to the Web Grim Reaper is Yahoo 360. Now if you’re sitting comfortably in the U.S. or Europe, there’s a good chance this news is irrelevant to you. After all, the primary reason Y360 is being shut down is due to lack of use. However, if you reside in Vietnam, where, believe it or not, Yahoo 360 is the #1 blog platform, the news might cut like a knife. (Though it should be no surprise; support ceased back in ’07.) [Read more…]

iPhone: I’ve Fallen In Love With Google Reader Again (Thanks To RSS Flash G)


Ever since the birth of Twitter (and the various Twitter Apps like Twitterific, Tweetie and Twittelator), I have had a falling out with reading news via Google Reader, due to the fact that I could only share items with my fellow gReader geeks (and not my Twitterholic buddies).

While hooking up my Google Reader account with Friendfeed helped solve this issue, I always loathed the “RSS delay” which resulted in 10 tweets posted at once, instead of tweeting whenever I discovered an interesting link.

Thanks to an iPhone app by Ebisu Soft called RSS Flash G, I can easily share interesting links directly with the twitterverse, as well as my Google cultic friends on gReader.

While RSS Flash G does have a limited free version available, you might want check out this review of the Good, the Bad and the Buggy before deciding to part ways with 299 pennies. [Read more…]

JR Raphael Leaves The Inquisitr To Launch Tech Comedy Site

Leaving The Inquisitr for eSarcasm

Leaving The Inquisitr for eSarcasmOne of the initial writers on Duncan Riley’s news site The Inquisitr is leaving today. JR Raphael is a heavyweight in the tech sphere, with a contributing editor gig at PC World and a lot of other big workplaces under his belt. And now he’s leaving The Inquisitr to launch his own site, eSarcasm.

I caught up with both Duncan and JR for a brief interview about what sparked this move. Duncan had this to say:

JR Raphael was with you from day 1 with The Inquisitr. What did he bring to the table?

We were always fortunate to have JR’s services. I’ve never judged applicants by their resume alone, and always looked at writing style and eye for content, but in JR’s case I saw both. As well as writing for MSNBC, PC World, The Washington Post and Yahoo Tech, he’s also won two Emmy’s. Yeah, if that sounds like an insane resume to you, imagine how I felt. The resume should have frightened me off, but none the less he got the gig.

[Read more…]

White House Goes Transparent, Plans Blog Launch Next Week

When now President Obama campaigned, he got a lot of cred for being open about using new technologies, and you can definitely say that he spun the social sphere well enough. This continues to come to fruit with the launch of a Transparency Blog next week according to InformationWeek, who also quotes deputy CTO of the open government initiative at the Office of Science and Technology Beth Noveck.

“If we have the platforms, if we have the technology, marry it to a process that allows people to contribute their ideas or expertise, and marry that to laws that say it is OK, the hope is we can actually lead to and create a more open government,” she said.

That sounds good, and this does too, speaking about the initiative:

“We don’t have to put everything on our Web sites, but we have to make sure that data is available on our Web sites so people can turn it into something that’s meaningful and useful to them,” Noveck said. For example, she pointed to the endless possibilities of new types of data visualizations.

It is good to see that the transparency urges of the new media sphere is affecting the governments as well.

GigaOm Pro: $79/Year For Analysis Community Membership

The GigaOm network is growing, and the latest addition is a subscription service. That might make some of you shake your heads and wonder what’s up with the WSJ treatment, but although one could compare the two, it really isn’t the same thing. GigaOm Pro, which is the $79/year subscription service’s name, offers reports and analysis that competes with market research firms if anything. They’re starting out with 17 of them, and spreads their content across four verticals: Green IT, Infrastructure, the Connected Consumer, and Mobile. These in turn have sub-sections so that you can find what you want and need.

However, this is not just a directory of reports, it is also something of a community. This from Michael Wolf, from the launch post on the GigaOm Pro blog:

But even as market research analysts adapt to the new models, we at GigaOM believe there is room in the market for a new way to experience informed opinion, one that combines our best asset — our large and enthusiastic community of smart readers — with technology and market experts in an approachable and interactive format.

[Read more…]

StudioPress To Get SEO’d, Courtesy Of Joost De Valk

Yoost pointing fingers

StudioPress is growing, and the themes are getting some serious SEO treatment thanks to the latest member of the team: Joost de Valk, of WordPress fame. Brian Gardner and Joost de Valk have their own respective announcement posts up. They are both really happy with the partnership, this from the latters blog post:

So we are partnering up. I’m going to be optimizing all the StudioPress themes, and offering StudioPress customers advice on how to optimize their sites in regular blog posts and in a new blog optimization package we’ll be offering through StudioPress.

I caught up with Brian Gardner for a really quick chat about this latest development for StudioPress. [Read more…]

Topsy: The Twitter Search Engine

Topsy: Twitter Search Engine
Topsy: Twitter Search Engine

Topsy: Twitter Search Engine

Thus far the trend we see in this “not so new” media involves building a community of sorts, allowing that community reach a critical mass, defining a way to organize that community’s information based on interest — and finally, building a business model around it.

Right now, a service called Topsy is allowing Twitter to move from the third step towards the fourth. Not that @hashtags were useless, but a search engine for any sort of information inside Twitter is something anyone can appreciate. Not only does it do hashtag and keyword searches, but it also acts like a “Twitterati” (a Technorati for Twitter) identifying Tweets that have your @username ID and how many times you were quoted by other users.

Hugh Laurie doesn’t “get” Twitter

Actor Hugh Laurie has admitted that he’s “bothered by the social cost of every tweet” on Twitter, and that although he has his own Twitter page he doesn’t really get the concept.

Going 22 characters over-limit, Laurie told a BBC radio programme, “If people were able to take these 140 characters and develop a poetic Western form… that would be a satisfying thing. But that’s not what I see when I read them”. [Read more…]