Movable Type Monday: Hot Date and Custom Category Sorting

Happy Monday, folks! We’ve only got a couple of things to tell you about this week, but I think you’ll find them both very useful.

First, Dan Wolfgang has updated his Hot Date plugin to work with Movable Type 4.25. I’ve been using Hot Date since its original release and I love it. It makes updating the timestamp on an entry very easy. This really comes in handy on those entries that take several days to complete — click a single button, and your entry date is updated to the current date and time.

Next, Beau Smith has a trick for manually ordering categories. His method will allow you to customize the order in which categories are output for things like menu listings. I’ve done similar tricks in the past, but his solution is far simpler and more elegant than mine. Thanks, Beau!

What have you done with Movable Type this week? Let us know in the comments.


  1. says

    If you would like to sort categories -even entries in that categories- you should check Fujimoto’s Supersport plugin. Yes it’s a bit Japanese but google translate works enough to understand how it works.

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