How Important is Hosting to Your Blog?

Hosting is now largely sold to the blog community as a commodity. Advertising will always focus on one thing, and that of course is the monthly price. Yes “features” will be pushed along with this, such as 1-click installs of WordPress, unlimited hard disk space capacity, unlimited bandwidth for all your video streaming needs, and unlimited domains so you can host all of your websites in one convenient place. This is great, and I had all that, so why did I change hosting providers in a hurry? [Read more…]

Twittelator Pro: The iPhone App For Jedi Masters (On Twitter)



As any twitter guru familiar in the ways of the tweet will tell you, not all Twitter apps are created equal.

While some Twitter apps come with fancy layouts or simple UI’s (such as Twitterific and Tweetie), very few premium apps match the power of Twittelator Pro (an app developed by Stone Design).

While fans may accuse me of being a Dark Lord for not embracing their favorite Twitter client (like Twitterfon), here are a few (okay five) reasons why Twittelator Pro may be worth spending money on against it’s premium rivals. [Read more…]

Nothing to Blog About: Are You Blogging What You Should Be Blogging?

Nothing to blog about article series logoIn the last article in this new series called Nothing to Blog About, I asked you to go back to your roots, in a sense, to start over and find that “lovin’ feeling” you’ve lost about your blog subject matter to re-energize your creative blogging spirit.

What happens if you can’t find it? What happens if you’ve really lost that lovin’ feeling? [Read more…]

StockTwits Gets $800,000 Funding

StockTwits, one of those sites that are built around sucking in content from Twitter and present it in a slightly more interesting way, has nabbed $800,000 in Series A funding, courtesy of True Ventures.

There’s also a premium version on its way, which will, as the name implies, cost money. The current StockTwits site will remain free says Howard Lindzon.

Hat tip: VentureBeat and MediaMemo

Nothing To Blog About: Go Back to Your Roots

Nothing to blog about article series logoIn this new series called Nothing to Blog About, we’re looking at the various ways your blogging creativity can be temporarily dried up and plugged up, and how to break the dam. Today, my recommendation is to go back to your roots.

Go Back to the Beginning

I know all there is to know about blogging, right? I’ve been doing this longer than most people, in fact, before some tweeters and bloggers were even born (that’s a scary thought!). I’ve been through all the various blog struggles and hoops there are to blog through. I’ve survived all the names changes from website to online journal to weblog to blogging to microblogging and the belief that social media is a new concept. I’ve had my content stolen, been accused of stealing other people’s content, abused by trolls and comment spammers, survived changes in web technology and many upgrades, and lived to blog on another day. So I’ve been there, done it all, haven’t I?

Have I? What I’ve done is forgotten what is was like to start blogging. To be the new kid on the bloggy block. [Read more…]

Facebook Finally Gets OpenID, Your Blog Could Benefit


FacebookWhile I like OpenID as a concept, I think it has been a bit too technical for the average user. Not that it is very hard to understand or use, but rather clunky and more of a hassle than something that truly helps out. There just wasn’t incentive enough for the user.

No more, potentially at least, because now Facebook is an OpenID relying partner. That means that you can use your Gmail account to login to Facebook, once you have authenticated it, and that in turn means that when you’re logged in to Facebook you’re also logged in to every site using Facebook Connect.

That could be your blog. [Read more…]

IAB Releases Social Media Best Practices

This is good news for marketers as well as companies trying to make money on social media services, sites, applications, and so on. IAB, which is responsible for the de facto standard of online advertising, have released a hefty tome on social media practices. Nick Gonzales of writes a guest post on TechCrunch covering this:

As part of a company that makes social ads, I’m excited that the IAB has released a new set of social advertising best practices to help bring consistency to the marketplace, similar to the way IAB standards brought efficiency to online advertising back in the 90’s.

I agree, social media needs some directions when it comes to advertising, and that is IAB’s desk. This could also lead to marketing firms eyeing social media with even more interest, since there is now some sort of guidelines to go by, although that remains to be seen.

Movable Type Monday: WordPress Plugins, jQuery Interface, Patches, and More

Happy Monday, folks! Lots of people are talking about Six Apart’s announcement at WordCamp Mid-Atlantic. The makers of Movable Type are reaching out to WordPress users by releasing two WP plugins. The first is Typepad Connect, which allows a blog to accept Google Connect, Facebook Connect, and many other authentication systems. The other is Typepad Antispam, Six Apart’s comment spam blocker, similar to Akismet.

It’s an interesting move by 6A. Some people are calling this a win for WP over MT, but I really don’t see that. Automattic sponsored the first Akismet plugin for MT, and that wasn’t considered a concession. Over the past few years, 6A has made it clear that while MT is one of their products, their overall business is blogging. It makes sense that they would try to extend their reach into other platforms. I have no idea if they’ll have any success with Typepad Connect on WP, but I’d wager Typepad Antispam will win them some converts. I’ve used both it and Akismet, and Typepad does a far better job of identifying spam for me. [Read more…]