Google to Search Twitter?

File this one under ‘we knew it was coming.’

There are unconfirmed reports that Google will build a search engine that will allow users to better filter results – similar to the process currently used for a Google blog search.

With a growing number of people relying on Twitter (and other micro-blogging sites) for the latest news and trends, a universal search solution is desperately needed.

It is probably safe to assume that the priority of search results will be determined by Twitter prowess, including the number of tweets and retweets you have, the frequency in which you post, current events, frequently used keywords, and, of course, the number of followers you have.

We already know that Google is crawling Twitter, now we just have to sit back and wait for the other shoe to drop.

As if you needed another reason to become a more active Twithead!


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    Thanks for your nice post. I think this move by Google is very interesting. Twitter is a part of Google. Well, waht impact it would have on search optimization?

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    Every article or blog post I’ve found about this has only really looked at the effect this will have on Google. What about twitter?! If Google searches are now to index tweets then twitter will only grow in popularity and importance both for the individual and for business. Whilst this will be just another step in the online revolution, for twitter this will really cement its place in the online arena. The question of SEO and twitter is also an interesting one…

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