iPhone Blogs: 7 of the Best to Follow

iPhone WallpaperUnless you’ve been living under a rock with Internet access so limited that you get is The Blog Herald — and if that’s the case, please leave a comment because we’d love to interview you — then you probably already knew that Apple has come out with a new iPhone.

Which probably would mean that you’re also at least vaguely interested in what the blogosphere has to say about the iPhone and what some of the highest-quality blogs are that talk about it regularly.

Here are seven of them. Please add your favorites in the comments.

  1. iPhone Buzz
  2. MacRumors
  3. The iPhone Blog – How’s that for a name?
  4. iPhone Hacks
  5. Top iPhone News
  6. iPhones Talk – not “iPhone Stalk”
  7. Fast Company

Are you reading this blog on an iPhone? :)

image credit: The Pug Father


  1. says

    Like the blog, Scott, but you definitely weren’t the first iPhone blog (though you might be _one_ of the best). We were regularly blogging about the iPhone since February 2007.

  2. Stephan Neumann says

    I would like to see the iPhone “notes” info displayed on the computer desk top so entries could be made on the computer then synced to the phone. Has anyone heard of this being discussed? Currently, any NOTE entries have to be done on the phone itself.

  3. katie says

    though i dont browse for more options and stick to a single one, i cannot mention it to be the best one, but yeah, recently i was searching for my iphone acessoreis and found this one good, bought a few From then on its ma hot fav and the first one to go to check for new stuff. its the http://www.iphonecases.org but this isnt a blog neither a talking site…but a cheerfull playground for the shopoholics like me :D

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