Lucozade Energy Challenge picks James Whatley as Social Media Reporter

Last month I wrote about Lucozade Energy’s search for a creative journalist to report on various extreme challenges taking place this summer.

The results are in, and James Whatley is the lucky man who’ll be jetting off to Namibia on Saturday.

James will need to film, photograph, tweet and blog every aspect of each trip, including capturing footage and interviewing the participants.

He’ll be:

  1. Sandboarding in Namibia
  2. Cattle ranching in Wyoming
  3. White water rafting in Zambia
  4. Yacht racing in the Caribbean
  5. Glacier climbing in the Alps

There are several ways to keep tabs on the adventure. Here’s the official web site and there’s a Facebook fan page too.

You can also read about James’s experience and see what he had to do to get picked.

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