iPhone App: Buy One, Get One Free? Byline Celebrates First Year Of Life With One Day Sale


Despite the fierce competition among Google Reader Apps, Byline continues to enjoy a healthy lead over its rivals as the dominant gReader app of choice.

While its primary features may not have changed since the launch of Byline 2.0, its speed has as I have yet to find another gReader app that matches Byline’s speed as far as synching goes (note: Gazette 2.0 is claiming to be faster—I’ll put them each to the test later on).

Byline currently has reduced its price to $2 (note: its normally $5), although it is offering new customers who purchase the app today a chance to hook up a friend with the app for free as Milo Bird explains in an email sent to me last night:

(Milo Bird of Byline) Byline is now on sale to celebrate its first birthday on the App Store. The price is $1.99 all day today (Saturday) — a 60% reduction — and the first forty people to forward their iTunes receipts to [email protected] will receive a promo code allowing them to gift a free second copy to a friend. (US only, irritatingly.)

When Byline first came out, I originally paid $10 for this app—and that was before the nice UI plus note sharing feature was added.

While Byline may lack some of the more social functions (i.e. Twitter) of a few gReader apps (like RSS Flash g and iNews), it still has one of the best user interfaces for Google Reader on the App store, which might explain its apparent success (especially in Japan).


  1. says

    Wow. Looks really nice.

    I currently use Doppler. Which meets most of my needs since I got an iPhone, with my iPod touch I was really missing the caching of images for off-line viewing.

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