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You just got to love all these nifty little Twitter services. Most of them don’t really add much, but they are fun and inventive. Like Twinslator, a translating service for Twitter that lets you type in something in your language of choice, and then translate it to another one. Naturally, you can tweet it right away, and it works well enough. I’m a bit surprised to see that @blogherald got translated to @ blog Herald, but the reason for this is of course that Twinslator relies on Google Translate for their translation services.

So other than that little thing, how well did Twinslator do?


The text that I’m passing to Twinslator is Swedish, and it says, translated to English by yours truly: Writing about Twinslator for @blogherald. Nice service isn’t it?

And Twinslator translates it to: Writes on Twinslator for @ blog Herald. A nice service right?

Not too shabby. The translation of “skön” to “nice” is a bit fuzzy though, it could just as well be translated to “cool” or perhaps “nifty” in this sense, which was the whole point.

Try it out for yourself if you like. Then tell me: What would you use Twinslator for?


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    One of my friends made an app before this came out called twanslator:

    It does a bit more by allowing you to set up different accounts and it will automatically translate your tweets into a different language and post to the separate account. I assume translation quality is the same since it uses Google Translator as well.


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