Twitgigs: live music in London gets Twitter treatment

twitgigs-flyerThe vibrant London live music scene is getting its first official airing on Twitter in August as the Twitgigs experiment begins.

On 6 August at The Vibe Bar, a battle-of-the-bands competition will take place featuring live on-screen Twitter feeds of the event.

The bands appearing — including Essay Like Nephew, The Seal Club Clubbing Club and Mike Dingham — have been picked because they already have a strong Twitter following, and Twitter users will vote for the winning band on the night.

The idea is that featuring an interactive Twitter stream should enhance the gig experience rather than detract from it. Fans who can’t get to venue in person can watch it online and, of course, join in on Twitter.

Twitgis can be followed on Twitter with #twitgigs being the hashtag.



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    I’m now on page 46 of “Twitter For Dummies,” and expecting to soon be able to tweet with rakish aplomb. It would be cool to get Austin (Live Music Capital Of The World, as you may know,) to have a live compete like that. Maybe I’ll be the one to make it happen if I get tweet smart

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