It’s About Time! Google Anoints BlogPress Lite As Their iPhone App For Blogger


After splashing on the scene nine months ago, it looks as if BlogPress has (finally) caught Google’s attention for their iPhone app.

While Google has already created official apps for a variety of services for the iPhone, they are anointing BlogPress to represent them in Steve Jobs backyard, and have even convinced the small team from China to create a lite version for free.

(Blogger Buzz) We’re very happy to announce today that Blogger now has a home on the iPhone. The team behind BlogPress (a popular app already available in the iPhone App Store) decided to build a free version of BlogPress just for Blogger users to celebrate Blogger’s 10th birthday. BlogPress Lite packs many of the great Blogger features you have come to know into a simple yet powerful mobile application for blogging on the go.

This lite version should appeal to many blogspot fans, who had to pay 299 pennies in order to acquire this app on their iPhone (especially since WordPress, LiveJournal and Typepad offered free versions to their users).

The lite version has not yet hit the app store, although users who are impatient (and have a few bucks to spare) may want to purchase the premium version in order to satisfy their blogging needs.

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