Sunday Morning SEO: Link Building With Press Releases

You don’t usually hear a lot about press releases when people talk about SEO, but I’ve found them to be a solid link building tactic.  There are sites that publish and promote press releases called newswires.  Some newswires like PRWeb do well on the search results.  These sites provide quality links.

You’ll have to spend some money to get the best links but there are free or low cost newswires that pass a good amount of link juice.

There are other benefits aside from the links.  News search engines like Google News scour the newswires to populate their search results.  And any site that uses press releases gets a boost in perceived authority since press releases are associated with activity and expertise.

One question I get a lot is “When is an appropriate time to submit a press release?”  The purpose of a press releases is to tell the world about news.  Therefore, anything newsworthy that relates to your blog is a possible subject for a press release.

Here are some common newsworthy events in blogging.

The launch of a blog: You’ll want to have a couple good posts already published so that visitors will see that you are serious with the new blog.

In-depth series: Whenever you start a comprehensive series on your blog, submit a press release to build buzz.  For example, a personal finance blogger could start a 10 post series entitled “How To Get a Good Job in a Tough Economy”.  This is a newsworthy event because most finance sites are not publishing something that comprehensive on the topic.

Release of a new product: Businesses issue press releases whenever they release news products, so why not bloggers?

Special interview: If you’re able to interview a top personality in your niche, that’s a good time to submit a press release.  Your niche community will appreciate the notification.

Release of a new resource: Many bloggers will release resources to build their brand.  Whether you release a free ebook, a white paper, a special study, or a spiffy widget, a press release will

Can you think of other newsworthy events in blogging?


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