Paul Scrivens Takes Over as Splashpress Media Publisher

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An organization–including a new media network–is mostly driven by the efforts of all its members. But as with any team, individual members are diverse, each with his (or her) own expertise, personality and quirks. For any organization to reach it’s goals, it needs a capable leader. Sometimes, a leader needs to call the shots. Sometimes, the leader just needs to guide those under him towards the right direction. Always, the leader has to inspire and encourage.

A ship has its captain, an orchestra its conductor. In the case of a new media network, we have our publisher to look up to as our leader. For the past three years that Splashpress Media has existed, we’ve looked up to the capable leadership of our founding publisher Mark Saunders. A private person who preferred to let others shine, Mark has been a kingmaker in this industry and has worked with editors and bloggers who have found their careers and businesses thrive in this increasingly competitive environment.

Sometimes, though, it takes a drastic change in leadership for an organization to take stock of what it has, what it can do and where it can go. For this reason, Mark has decided to turn over the reins as publisher of Splashpress (of which the Blog Herald is part of) to another capable individual, optimistic that the current success of the organization can be further surpassed.

Folks, let me introduce to you Paul Scrivens. “Scrivs” to most friends and acquaintances, this new media maven probably needs no introduction. He has founded a host of networks, blogs and other online properties that have met success, and are to-date thriving. Some have eventually found their way into Splashpress, such as 9rules, Wisdump and Forever Geek.

Scrivs will be our captain and conductor, managing our assets, coordinating our efforts and hopefully expanding our reach. Along with this new leadership comes a bit of reorganization. Andy Merrett (a regular contributor here), who has been a community manager and channel editor to sites like Forever Geek, 9rules and Performancing, will take the creative lead as Editor of the network. Andy plans to continue outgoing editor Jayvee Fernandez‘s thrusts to enhance the networks’ reach and status, and we are confident that Andy will use his creative vision well in ensuring that momentum is maintained.

The rest of the core Splashpress team, which includes myself, David Jones, Dee Barizo, Ia Lucero, Damian Manifold, Will Vacher and Ali Hussain, will be continuing to provide our best efforts in helping to bring the network to its highest potential.

So here’s a congratulations to our new publisher, Scrivs!

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  1. By Mark posted on November 17, 2009 at 11:49 am
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    Thanks for your kind words, Angelo. Truly, it has been wonderful to make so many friends over the last few years, even if only by remote communication! There is no doubt that it is a huge coup for SPM to have brought Scrivs in and I for one am incredibly excited about what is in store for 2010.


  2. By Scrivs posted on November 17, 2009 at 2:06 pm
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    Wow, what a warm welcome! Thanks for the kind words Angelo. I’m very excited about the possibilities that exist with Splashpress and I’m sure the readers of all the sites will enjoy the changes that are planned in the future.

    An even bigger thanks to Mark (former Splashpress publisher) for giving me this opportunity to jump back into the online media mix. He has done a great job of building up a network with many well-known properties.

    I look forward to taking things to the next level.


  3. By Andy Merrett posted on November 17, 2009 at 2:43 pm
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    Likewise, thanks for the warm welcome to my new role here at Splashpress. Really looking forward to the new challenges ahead, in helping to propel these excellent web properties onwards and upwards as we go into the new year, alongside our excellent writers.

    Be assured that you haven’t heard the last of me on the coalface. I’ll still be writing on a number of blogs in addition to holding a few sticks of dynamite. :)


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