The iPad, Obama and the Pope


No, it’s not a new reality show, it’s real life.

Blogging saw a busy week to round out the first month of the new decade. Between the announcement of Apple’s “truly magical and revolutionary product,” the first State of the Union address by President Barack Obama, and Pope Benedict XVI’s plea for priests to embrace the Internet to communicate with followers, I think it might be time to ask the question…

Has blogging peaked? [Read more…]

Blogger Kills FTP Support


Beginning March 26, 2010, Blogger will no longer support FTP publishing. This means that if you are one of the .5% of Blogger users utilizing an FTP service to publish a blog to your own domain, things are a-changin’.

Citing a drain on their “engineering resources,” the Google-owned platform has made the decision in order to concentrate on new features and improvements in 2010. [Read more…]

Using Numbers in Headlines: Is the Game Changing?


I spent a couple of years working at FOX News where I had the opportunity to hone my headline copywriting skills.

My boss at the time would plead with us to read Reader’s Digest, claiming they had mastered the art of “catchy” headlines.

The way we digest our media has changed, but the tried and true methods of creating a powerful headline have not. Effective elements include… [Read more…]

What Can Bloggers Do to Help Haiti?


A 7.0 magnitude earthquake (with over 100 aftershocks!) has rocked the western part of the island of Hispaniola, devastating Haiti in the process. Sitting here as a mere blogger in America, it’s easy to feel that there’s not much you can do. While it might not be as gratifying as saving lives, there are small things bloggers can do to pitch in. [Read more…]

Calculating Your Worth as a Blogger


There is no magic calculator that will tell you how much your blogging services are worth. We each have an interdependent relationship with money that is uniquely our own. The $7.50 you just earned for that 500-word blog post might be worth your time. Or not.

During discussions with bloggers, I have found that the average blogger (not a superstar, but not a slouch) earns around $10 per 250-word post. Of course, most people exceed the word count to please their employer. (Heck, this post is contracted for 250 words and it’s closer to 500!).

So we’re looking at $.04 cents a word. But there are other factors that bring down that fee considerably. Here are a few things to consider when trying to determine if a blogging job is worth taking/keeping. [Read more…]

How Do You Define Being a Writer?


My wife coerced me into watching Julia & Julia last night. It’s not a movie I recommend, but there was a line that got me thinking. One of the characters states that you’re not a writer unless you’re published (implying print publication). As someone who has been published – and blogs regularly – I think that statement it absolute rubbish.

Seeing your work in print no longer guarantees wide distribution. There are plenty of blogs and Websites that get traffic a published author can only dream of. It might be gratifying to see your name in print (at least it will be for your parents), but it is no longer a benchmark of true success for a writer. [Read more…]

Loeb Awards Add Online Commentary and Blogging Category


image001For several decades the UCLA Anderson School of Management has presented the Gerald Loeb Awards program, an honor that puts the spotlight on journalists who make significant contributions to the understanding of business, finance and the economy.

And like any strong institution, The Loeb Awards are evolving. This year marks the addition of a new category, Online Commentary and Blogging. [Read more…]

Share Your 2010 Blogging Goals


blog_goalsSetting goals is easy. Being held accountable for them is another story. Last year I set some serious blogging objectives for myself. And while I am pleased with the results, I recognize that I could have performed even better. All I needed was a cheerleader.

No, not the pom-pom wielding, short-skirt wearing type. (Though I wouldn’t complain!) But the fellow blogger who understands how important these items are to achieving my goal of going into business for myself.

Here were my 2009 blogging goals:

– Earn an additional $5k from freelance blogging
(I fell short by 35%; darn economy)

– Grow blog traffic by 10%
(Traffic grew by over 30%) [Read more…]