The iPad, Obama and the Pope

No, it’s not a new reality show, it’s real life.

Blogging saw a busy week to round out the first month of the new decade. Between the announcement of Apple’s “truly magical and revolutionary product,” the first State of the Union address by President Barack Obama, and Pope Benedict XVI’s plea for priests to embrace the Internet to communicate with followers, I think it might be time to ask the question…

Has blogging peaked?

Think about it for a second, a hobby that was once reserved for an 18-year-old tech geek toiling away in his parent’s basement has become a medium – actually, a media – all to itself.

As the number of blogs on the Web grows, and the number of posts they produce multiply, it would appear there is nowhere to go but up. However, doesn’t everything have a saturation point?

Newspapers are crumbling, terrestrial radio has taken a massive ratings tumble, and even television is no longer the entertainment king it once was.

To say that blogging has jumped the shark, is nutty. My gut tells me there’s still plenty of growth left. But when my inbox is filled with e-mails from the White House and His Papelness is making social networking pleas, I think it’s fair to debate the topic.


  1. says

    Aye I think your right, bloggin has become a massive hit within the last 7 years, though I’d love to know stats on how many blog posts are created every single second of the day around the world… Now that would be an amazing figure!

    Though with the likes of new gizmos such as the iPad, I’m sure bloggin will continue to grow as you can just blog using the iPad while in bed or while traveling to work on a bus/train…

  2. Stewart says

    Yes, I think blogging is becoming saturated, but it is sharing the fate of the rest of the Internet…someone creates a site with valuable content but unless they know SEO and other tactics, they quickly become buried beneath googles of tripe and meaningless vapor.

  3. Stewart says

    P.S. Sure the Whitehouse emails may be a tad self-serving, but you haven’t lived till you see the misinformation emails the NY governor sends out. I’m vicious with the delete button when I see his emails infesting my inbox.

  4. says

    If blogging has peaked, then myself and my 20 classmates are wasting our time. We are taking an upper-level college journalism class specifically about blogging.

    I’m reminded of the quote by Bill Gates in 1981:
    “640K ought to be enough for anybody.”

    At the time, it seemed like a reasonable idea. Little did we know that 20 years later most flash drives would hold 6500x that much.

    As for terrestrial radio and television, well, they had a pretty good run until better technologies came along.

    I think the blogosphere is here to stay – at least, that is, until we all get caught up in something shiny and new.

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