Blogger Improves Photo Uploading (Catches Up To WordPress)


It looks like the boys and girls at Google have just enabled multiple photo uploading for Blogger fans via flash, as well as the ability to pull images from their multimedia gallery on Picasa.

(Blogger In Draft Blog) We recently updated the photo uploading interface in Blogger in Draft’s post editor with a few new features:

Multiple photo upload. If you have Flash installed, you can select multiple photos at a time in the file picker, and all of them will get uploaded at once.

Picasa Web Albums integration. You can now select from any of the images in your Picasa Web photo albums and insert them into your posts.

The ability to post images from your Picasa gallery is a feature long overdue, although it does help make blogger more competitive against rivals like and Typepad.

This latest move should help compliment Blogger’s launch of blog themes and pages, which should make the platform more appealing for serious bloggers.

This feature is currently only available upon Blogger in Draft (which is Google’s eternal beta for Blogger which users can access by visiting in their browser.

News Flash: Tumblr Has A Business Plan. Or At Least Something To Sell.

Tumblr, the hot, New York based, free blogging platform on crack which was founded in 2007 by David Karp, and has long been mocked for having no business strategy at all, actually has a ‘business plan’.

A business plan other than being the nicest platform, hosting the hippest bloggers and designers, and offering most features of all freely available blog platforms. To be honest with you I might have forgotten to check the total validity of the ‘most features’ statement, but if tumblr doesn’t offer most features, at least the team has the nicest features page of all platforms. That’s a valid argument, right?

Times have changed and since today you will not be able, or allowed even, anymore to mock tumblr as the perfect poster boy of the ‘Bubble in Tech’ and our throw-away consumerist behaviour, because… wait for it… yes, Tumblr does actually have a business plan. Of course I use the term ‘business plan’ loosely here and it might be more appropriate to call it ‘something which should at least bring money in the account and finance the next free bar Tumblr SXSWi party‘. [Read more…]

5 Tips to Ensure Your Blog is Suitable for Mobiles


This is a guest post by Tom Walker, who blogs at The CreativeCloud.

So you have created a fantastic blog that you are passionate about and your traffic is increasing each and every day. Congratulations and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Now you need to ask yourself a very important question: can your blog successfully reach the unlimited number of potential visitors that are now using their mobiles to search online?

I used the word ‘successfully’ because your blog may still show up in a mobile search and reach potential mobile visitors, however the success of this will depend on how well your site appears on their somewhat cramped mobile screen and how user friendly it is at that size. People are impatient and often time-poor these days, and if they don’t find what they are looking for in an instant, they will simply go to a different site that does. You may have the best blog in the world, but if it is not mobile friendly, then you will be unable to convert potential visitors into subscribers and you will be missing out on the increasing number of people who use a mobile device as their primary means of browsing the internet.

Don’t fall behind your competition – lead the way! Here are some useful tips to help get your blog ready for the long term trend towards mobility. [Read more…]

RevResponse: A Great Way To Earn With Your Blog

One of the main issues professional bloggers face is the dilemma how to monetize their sites. There are plenty of different ad networks available and they all promise the golden pot at the foot of the rainbow. As part of a promotional campaign, I had the pleasure of interviewing Karen Noonan from RevResponse (1). I must honestly admit that the answers were not only satisfying but also stimulated me to look deeper at the offering of RevResponse. More even, I am embedding RevResponse on one of the main sites I manage.

Read the interview with Karen and give RevResponse a try if you are looking for a different way to earn money with your blog, this could be the dark horse you were looking for.

Hello Karen, thanks for your time. First of all, could you in short introduce RevResponse to our readers? is a performance based B2B specific affiliate network which gives related website publishers an exciting new way to generate revenue while providing their users with free content of real and tangible value. Simply put, web publishers and/or bloggers join RevResponse, we give them access to a library of hundreds of free business and technology related magazines, ebooks, downloads, webinars, etc. Then, RevResponse partners promote the offers in that library to their audience via blog post, newsletter inclusion, ad space, text link, etc. Lastly, we pay the partners when their users request the free resources.

What makes us different from typical ad networks that display links of questionable interest to readers, or affiliate networks that pay only when users part with their hard-earned money, RevResponse pays website publishers to present free content that’s of genuine value to site visitors.

One of the first things visitors to the RevResponse site notice is the $1.50-$2.50/lead. These numbers seem rather high, how is the conversion generally and also, it seems that some of these leads seem higher than leads from eg. Amazon. Where’s the catch? [Read more…]

Print Is King, Blogging a Prince


When I was a Media Studies undergrad in the late 90s, I vividly remember assembling clip packets. These were photocopied bundles of my best written work that were shipped off to print media. The goal was to get paid assignments or a full-time job.

Years later, as I made the transition from print media to digital media, physical clip packets evolved into e-mails and links. Not only was it a time saver, but I saved money on envelopes and postage too.

Through the years I picked up more blogging gigs and the world was grand. Who needed newspapers and magazines anyway. The writing seemed to be on the wall: Print was a dying relic, the future of the Web bright. That still might be the case. But suddenly I have the urge to take a step “backwards” and concentrate on scoring more print gigs. Hmmm. [Read more…]

How to Get a Blogger’s Attention


Smoke signals. They were effective in ancient China when soldiers needed to communicate over the Great Wall. But send one up today and your message will go up in – well – smoke. Getting the attention of a blogger you would like to work with or for is no easy task. Life feels like one big cluttered inbox. Here are a few ways to cut through the noise.

1) Write about them. Bloggers are not a vain bunch, but they do check their referring traffic on a regular basis. Insult them on your Website and they will defend their honor. Compliment them and they will be thankful.

2) Ask them for help. It’s a generalization but I’m going to go there anyhow; people love to hear themselves talk. [Read more…]

Blogger Rolls Out New Template Designer


I’ve never understood Blogger. In my humble opinion, it is a cumbersome blogging platform that has always dragged way behind the competition. Even under the Google umbrella, the novice CMS has failed to impress. But perhaps there is hope…

Starting today, Blogger is rolling out the Blogger Template Designer, a tool that will give users much greater control over how their blog looks and operates. [Read more…]

A Blog Mentor Is Hard to Find


A crusty old journalism professor I once had used to preach the following:

“To get where you want to go, you should talk to someone who has been there.”

Ideally, that’s where a mentor comes in. A wise and trusted counselor who influences our work and supports us along the way. You know, the older guy who has earned our respect by example. Now all he has left to accomplish is helping shape today’s youth. I’ve yet to find my blogging Mr. Miyagi (See Karate Kid), and I have a few ideas why: [Read more…]

Blogging Lesson From the Second Grade


When I think back to grade school, I still break out into a sweat remembering the horror of being called on unexpectedly by a teacher and asked to read a passage aloud. You always had the feeling that you were one stammer or mispronunciation away from being ostracized.

My wife, who is a teacher but still takes advanced education classes, recently asked me to help her with an assignment. My job? Read the paper she wrote aloud. And you know what? The tactic that she employs with her second grade class could be beneficial to bloggers. [Read more…]

Promote Your Blog Via License Plate


As you learned from my Myers-Briggs self-assessment, I’m the kind of guy that rather blend in than stand out in a crowd. That means I can produce killer content, but don’t get a gold medal when it comes to self-promotion.

As I was sitting in traffic this morning thinking up ways to promote my blog offline, it occurred to me that a great opportunity could be staring me right in the face…literally. [Read more…]