It’s Alive! Twitter Launches Android App (Plus: Is Palm Pre Next?)


After receiving some extra love from the boys and girls at Google, it looks as if Twitter now has an official app for Android freaks (note: I say that in love).

Today we are excited to announce that Twitter for Android is available in Android Market!

Twitter for Android is a fantastic application to use, and sharing any link or photo is super simple too – just look for the share button in your favorite application and choose Twitter. […]

We had a great time working with the Android team and are thrilled that Google will be open sourcing the code used in this app in the near future.  (Official Twitter Blog)

Twitter now has official apps upon all three major smart phone platforms, having previously launched an official Blackberry app, as well as buying out Tweetie (which has caused at least one developer to exit the twitterverse).

Thus far Twitter has not revealed what its next mobile plans are, although the micro blogging company could be developing an official app for Palm’s webOS devices (news that will probably not please Tweed or Twee, both which sell on Palm’s app store).

Either way it will be interesting to see how the official Android app compares against its Blackberry and iPhone siblings (the latter which should be launching very soon), as well as the reaction from developers who may have to figure out how they will survive Tweetageddon.

The End Is Near: 4 Twitter For iPhone Features That May Cause Tweet Extinction


Whether you love them or hate them, Twitter’s recent moves to acquire Tweetie will probably force many twitter developers to either exit the twitterverse or reduce the price of their apps to zero.

While a few tweet apps may survive tweetageddon, most will simply fade away into obscurity–unless they can match or exceed features launching upon the official Twitter app (formally known as Tweetie).

Although Twitter has yet to reveal their iPlans to the world, here are 4 possible features that may debut on the upcoming Twitter app (which may make a few developers nervous). [Read more…]

HootSuite Laughs At Tweetageddon, Adds Facebook And Translation Support


After briefly disappearing from the iPhone app store, HootSuite has re-emerged with a meaner, leaner iPhone app that may help them survive tweetageddon when Twitter relaunches Tweetie as their official app.

No matter where you’re headed, this Owl will help you stay in touch and informed with instant translation to 50+ languages, geo-location to pinpoint yourself on the globe, and Facebook Profiles and Pages added to the mix — plus a few surprises in the suitcase. (Official HootSuite Blog)

While I’m personally not too crazy about the geo-location feature (as I believe it’s an asset for muggers), the Facebook integration is one of the best that I have seen for a multi-social app, as it allows you to not only view your news feed, but also like items upon your friends status updates. [Read more…]

The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Blogging Brand – Blog Like A Pro!

Currently, there are approximately over build-your-brand
150 Million blogs worldwide with a large majority of them talking about the same things, in same boring way. Millions of them look the same, many bloggers express themselves the same way and even more are blogging without passion, authority, concrete goals and without having a respectable brand. Many of us fail to realize that while we blog expecting to achieve success, we are also responsible for our personal brand.

Successful professional blogging is no longer for the average Joe with average goals. It is for the prudent who will approach their audience seriously and strive to build their company, and more so, personal brand.

Here is a massive guide that will get you started on the road to developing your blogging brand for success.

Set Goals, Huge Goals!

Before you register that domain or go crazy thinking about the right name for your blog, write down clearly defined goals for your site. Get a pen and paper, or however you write notes, and start jotting down everything you may require and what you NEED to be successful with your blog. Spend a week or two to decide your direction and focus on it. Your goals may not be set in stone for the entire lifetime of your blog since you will definitely grow, mature and learn so your goals should grow with you but remain in a general direction.

Aim for the sky! If your blogger friends want to achieve or are achieving $1,000 per month, shoot for $2,000 per month. Never limit your goals to match your peers or environment. [Read more…]

Twitter Verifies Chavez’s Account (But What’s With The Funky Name?)


After announcing plans to join the Twitterverse, it looks like Hugo Chavez has finally settled upon a Twitter name, although unfortunately for him he was unable to secure the coveted @hugochavez (despite its current inactive status).

So what has the “glorious” Venezuelan president picked as his personal username? Answer: @ChavezCandanga.

According to SpanishD!ct, Candanga “means devil” which is odd as the Chavez use to refer to America’s former President by that term (at least on television that is).

Twitter has already verified Chavez’s account as legitimate (although ironically they have not done the same for Fidel Castro’s) and as of this post Chavez’s account is quickly approaching 115,000 followers.

Thus far it appears as if Chavez is tweeting from his personal Blackberry via ÜberTwitter (which is very unusual for a head of state), although hopefully one of his more tech savvy comrades can enlighten him about the “official” Twitter for Blackberry app (as well as his dictator friends).

(Image Credit: Presidency of the nation of Argentina, via Mashable)

Tweetie Surprises Users With “Easter Egg” (Announces Bad News For Developers)


Despite the insignificant update Tweetie released upon the app store, the latest version of the app includes a humerus slot machine that appears whenever users try to refresh their timeline.

Although the Easter Egg (as geeks call them) is cute overall, Tweetie did alert their fans that the app will be renaming itself “Twitter for iPhone” soon (something Twitter itself hinted at after they bought out Tweetie for an undisclosed sum).

The name switch is suppose to happen during the next update, in which Twitter will release the app for free to the masses (as Tweetie’s current asking price is still $2.99 USD).

Although users will probably laugh at Tweetie’s slot machine, most developers will be nervous as the next update of Tweetie as it could easily herald their extinction on the iPhone, well as the world of mobile (since Twitter already has an official Blackberry app and is working on creating one for Android too).

Third party developers are already responding to the official Twitter apps arrival by either selling off their tweet businesses (on the cheap) or by sadly removing their premium apps altogether from the app store (a trend that may accelerate once “Twitter for iPhone” makes it debut).

(note: Easter Egg tip via @babelsquirrel)

WordPress Ponders Redesign Of Nokia App


WordPress (who previously launched a Nokia app in February) could be pondering a new UI for Nokia users (at least for those sporting the N900 smart phone).

I’ve been doing graphic design for the client for a few days now, and I’d like to show you something.

You already saw some early drafts for N900. Here are drafts for two views on Symbian touch. What do you think? (Nokia for WordPress Blog)

Thus far these are nothing more than photo shop mock-ups, although the layout does look rather impressive compared against the bland white background that is a standard for WordPress mobile apps.

Unlike most of their rivals, WordPress heavily embraces mobile devices, having previously launched official apps upon the iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones, as well as releasing an iPad app for bloggers on the go.

WordPress has not announced plans on whether they will embrace the blue redesign for Nokia smart phones (or choose another option instead), although redesigning the Nokia app could help WordPress conquer the mobile realm (as well as replace Blogger as the dominant blogging platform).

Tweetageddon The Sequel: HootSuite iPhone App Missing? UPDATE: HootSuite Reappears, Still No Explanation


In December of 2009 HootSuite launched a premium iPhone app upon Steve Jobs backyard that gave iPhone lovers the ability to schedule tweets from their iDevice (instead of their computer). Later on HootSuite launched a free lite version as well as an Android app, and the rest is now history.

Fastforward towards today and it seems as if the premium version of HootSuite is currently unavailable (note: iTunes link) in the app store (at least in the US).

It is unclear why HootSuite decided to pull the premium version, although this could be in response to Twitter’s buyout of Tweetie which has already forced one twitter app into retirement (and may force others into extinction as well).

HootSuite still links to their premium app on their product page, although there is no news or information why their premium app is currently missing upon the app store.

Update (4/30): The premium HootSuite app is back! Although there still is no explanation as to why it disappeared in the first place.

I am still awaiting for a comment as why the app vanished from the app store.

Another Day, Another Dictator Decides to Join–Twitter? (Chavez)


Watch out Oprah! It looks like the twitterverse has a new member who want to “enlighten” the masses with his political gospel.

Hugo Chavez, the current President of Venezuela (or dictator, depending on who you talk to) has decided to join the netizens on Twitter, which would make him the second dictator to due so (as his mentor Fidel Castro has already established an account).

Hugo has not announced what his new account will be, but unfortunately for him it looks like the screen names @hugo, @chavez and @hugochavez are all being used (although he might be able to receive the last one if he applies “enough pressure” unfortunately).

Other heads of state on Twitter include President Barack Obama, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (@netanyahu) and Chilean President Sebastian Pinera (@sebastianpinera), although ironically Twitter makes the extra effort to verify the accounts of western leaders (a service that isn’t available to dictators).

While Chavez will probably just use the account as another way to promote his proproganda, it will be interesting to see if his entrance will inspire more Venezuelans to join the micro blogging site.

Image Credit: Agencia Brasil