Tweetageddon The Sequel: HootSuite iPhone App Missing? UPDATE: HootSuite Reappears, Still No Explanation

In December of 2009 HootSuite launched a premium iPhone app upon Steve Jobs backyard that gave iPhone lovers the ability to schedule tweets from their iDevice (instead of their computer). Later on HootSuite launched a free lite version as well as an Android app, and the rest is now history.

Fastforward towards today and it seems as if the premium version of HootSuite is currently unavailable (note: iTunes link) in the app store (at least in the US).

It is unclear why HootSuite decided to pull the premium version, although this could be in response to Twitter’s buyout of Tweetie which has already forced one twitter app into retirement (and may force others into extinction as well).

HootSuite still links to their premium app on their product page, although there is no news or information why their premium app is currently missing upon the app store.

Update (4/30): The premium HootSuite app is back! Although there still is no explanation as to why it disappeared in the first place.

I am still awaiting for a comment as why the app vanished from the app store.

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