Blackberry Releases Twitter App In The Wild (Still In Beta)


After all but declaring that most Blackberry apps for twitter were horrible, it looks like the BB team is finally unleashing their official twitter app to the world via their beta zone store.

The Blackberry app pretty much boasts features that are considered standard for iPhone Twitter apps (like direct messaging, uploading images, list support, blocking spammers, etc.), although there does not appear to be any support for video uploading (so BB fans will still have to use TwitVid).

Blackberry intends upon launching this app for free (and effectively kill off a few developers as well), and should help them compete against the iPhone whose apps are famous in the twitterverse (especially Echofon, Tweetie and Twittelator).

(hat tip: Engadget Mobile)

Get Ready for WordPress 3.0

WordPress logoThose of you who actively look at what kind of news is presented to you in your WordPress dashboard already know WordPresss 3.0 beta 1 is released just before the weekend. Even though the actual release of WordPress 3.0 will be at least a couple of weeks away, it’s good to be prepared to the new stuff which WordPress 3.0 will bring to the table.

You of course already knew WordPress 3.0 will be sporting a brand new default theme, named Twenty Ten, but there are quite a few more new features that can improve your WordPress experience. Instead of listing every single feature, I thought it would be nice to make a list of those who already wrote about WordPress 3.0. [Read more…]

Rumor: Squarespace To Develop An iPad App (Still No Word About Android)


After launching an elegant iPhone app last year, it looks like the boys and girls at Squarespace are considering creating an iPad app after receiving their brand new iPads a few days ago.

(Squarespace Community) We’ve been asked whether we’re going to be developing an iPad app. I can’t answer that definitively, but I can tell you that we’re extremely impressed with the device and have fallen in love with it here. I wouldn’t be surprised if an iPad app made its way into our roadmap, but like I said I can’t say anything for sure…

Squarespace’s iPad launch would trail that of its rival WordPress, who launched an iPad app at least a day before Apple’s tablet hit the public market. [Read more…]

Cloaking Hack Puts Spam In Your WordPress Search Engine Results


Since some days a rather nasty hack has been going round in the WordPress community. I actually noticed it myself not that long when I googled for ‘Chris Pearson‘ and what I saw in the results was… shall we say ‘interesting’?

Prozac, Levitra, Lexapro? Had Chris sold the ‘Best Damn Blog on the Planet’, AKA Pearsonified? I went to check out Chris’ blog but no. No Prozac, Levitra or anything else of suspicious nature to be found there. Just your regular well-tuned Pearson content. I even looked in the source code and a quick search for known brands ended empty. I left again, having long forgotten already why I googled Chris in the first place.

Now it seems though that this hack is making the rounds and becoming more and more popular. Leland Fiegel from Themelab first reported about it on first reported about it on the Themelab blog, more than a month ago already. Afterwards the issue was covered over at the WP Tavern forums but no solution has been found so far. Even the WordPress Lead Developer, Mark Jaquith, is left clueless and hopes to solve the issue ASAP. [Read more…]

The Ten Steps To Arranging and Writing a Killer Guest Post

Killer guest postTo me, guest posting has been by far the most effective free way to promote a resource (as well as my brand). That wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that everything I have ever achieved in my online career was due to my guest posts. I wouldn’t like anyone to think about guest posting as a link building (or SEO) tool though. There is much more behind the tactic. It builds long-term contacts, exposes your resources to a wide interested audience, promotes your brand and expertise, and many more. But yes, it takes much time and effort and is only effective when taken seriously. So the aim of this post is to actually describe this serious approach to guest blogging step by step – to make sure the tactic works for you.

Step 1: Search for guest posting opportunities

Unless you are about to start guest posting on a weekly basis, spotting a promising guest posting opportunity shouldn’t be a problem for you. Most niches have high-profile blogs that are known for accepting guest posts (and frequently featuring them). For social-media-relates topics this is Mashable, for productivity it’s Lifehack, for copywriting it’s CopyBlogger, etc. Arranging a post at such a busy places is not an easy task, but the outcome is amazing, so you should give it a try. [Read more…]