Video: WordPress MU Is Dead. Long Live WordPress 3.0!

It looks as if Automattic (the company behind WordPress for you non-geeks) is preparing to unleash WordPress 3.0 to the masses very soon (this week perhaps?), which will provide not only multi-user support, but also allow “super admins” (see the video below for details) to update plugins across multiple sites.

While the average user may not care about the new changes (especially if they have a personal blog which they maintain and write upon themselves), WordPress 3.0 will make it easier for the average blogger to launch their own blog networks via a single log on account. [Read more…]

Twitter Vs Twitter (On Android, Blackberry And iPhone)


Now that Twitter has launched official apps upon Blackberry, Android and the mighty iPhone, fanboys (and girls) of the respective smartphones may wonder what the twitterverse looks like from another device.

Unfortunately depending on where your geek loyalties lie, your experience using each official app will vary as it appears that not all Twitter apps are created equal (a fact that might cause some to accuse Twitter of showing iFavoritism). [Read more…]

Pakistan And Facebook Play Nice…For Now


Two weeks ago we reported that Facebook was banned from Pakistan, losing nearly 45 million users. The ban occurred after the group “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day!” remained on the site after drawing outrage from the Muslim community. It’s considered a punishable offense to draw pictures of Mohammad under Islamic belief and Facebook had refused to remove the group.

A lower Pakistani court issued the original ban which was a temporary block put into place until May 31st, at which time a final decision on the sites existence in the country would be determined if Facebook didn’t take the necessary steps to remove the offensive material.

The Facebook team chose to apologize to the Pakistan community and the material was removed from within the country. It’s also believed that the group may have been removed from several other Islamic countries, although several draw Mohammad groups can still be found when searching from within the United States.

The location based restriction is a nice move for Facebook which allows them to keep freedom of speech in place in the United States, while offering a sympathetic stance for Islamic countries.

Lawyer Azhar Siddique told Reuters:

“The government has assured the court on behalf of the website that the blasphemous material would not be seen in Pakistan.”

Siddique works with the Islamic Lawyers Forum, the group which called for the ban against Facebook.

What are your thoughts on a regional ban? Do you believe religious attacks on the site should be removed from all regions or did Facebook take the right stance in allowing the material to remain in non-Islamic countries?

Squarespace Losing Bloggers Over Lack Of Android App?

Ever since Squarespace released an iPhone app to the masses, bloggers have been wondering whether the company would release apps upon other smartphone devices like Android (not to mention Blackberry as well).

Despite the advances of Google’s mobile OS, Squarespace has viewed Android as second rate when compared against Apple’s mighty iPhone, despite the fact that WordPress has created a powerful Android app that rivals WP for iPhone (not to mention Squarespace as well).

With demand for a Squarespace Android app increasing, it looks like some users are having second thoughts about migrating upon the platform and instead looking at WordPress as a decent alternative. [Read more…]

Is Digg Dead?


Before Twitter captured our hearts and Facebook re-centered the social universe, there was Digg.

Getting on the front page of Digg was every bloggers dream, and no matter how many times they changed their algorithm (to the fury of users) it seemed that Digg was an unstoppable force that was here to stay.

Fast forward to the present and you do not see many sites prominently featuring Digg buttons anymore, with many replacing the once former champ with Twitter, Facebook like buttons or even Google Buzz.

Digg is attempting to reverse its present slide into irrelevancy by releasing a revamped version of the site (as shown below), but the question remains, “Is Digg still worth it?” [Read more…]

Facebook Announces Q&A Feature

Facebook Q&A

Facebook Q&AWhile Google chose to buy question and answer site Aardvark, Facebook decided to build their own system from the ground up, an attempt to take some of the Q&A market dominated by Wiki Answers, Yahoo Answers, AnswerBag and other popular sites.

The application is currently in beta-testing phase and users can participate by submitting and answering three questions through the program. After you’ve mass submitted your three questions Facebook promises to get back to you in 24 hours to let you know if you’re approved.

Given the  size of the Facebook userbase the 3 question protocol is a great way for Facebook to build up a huge database of questions and answers, allowing them to immediately compete in the market which includes millions of questions and answers already established by other sites.

[Read more…]

WordPress Turns 7 (Thanks For The Memories)

A long time ago (or rather 7 years which is ancient in geek time) a Matt Mullenweg unveiled WordPress to the world! These were the early days when services like LiveJournal and Xanga ruled the blogosphere, along with a zillion do-it-yourself blogging platforms.

WordPress was a new comer to the scene, having just branched away from its b2evolution cousin with nothing more than a vision and the phrase “Code is Poetry.”

Flash forward towards today and WordPress is one of the worlds most popular blogging platforms around, second only to Google’s Blogger in both the US and probably internationally as well. [Read more…]

Google Buzz: Google Says ReShare, But Users Want ReBuzz

Google Buzz logo

In a move that echo’s Facebook’s “via” and Twitter’s  retweets, the search engine giant is launching a “Reshare” button which will allow fans of the service to repost messages from friends upon their Google Buzz timeline.

When you find an interesting buzz post you want to reshare, instead of copying and pasting it (and maybe attributing the original poster with an @reply along the way), you can now reshare posts with two clicks. […]

[A]fter a lot of debate, we even settled on what to call it […] but reshare is still very much a work in progress. We wanted to launch and iterate so be sure to let us know what you think in the forum or on Buzz. (Official Gmail Blog) [Read more…]

Pakistan Unblocks YouTube, Facebook Still Considered Evil


After blocking YouTube and Facebook due to the “Everybody Draw Muhammed Day” fan page, it looks as if the government has come to its senses and has lifted the ban against YouTube (well almost).

According to the AFP, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (aka PTA) decided to lift the ban against Youtube save for 550 sites that it deems “inappropriate” (probably due to sacrilegious content making fun of Islam’s founder).

Currently the nation of Pakistan blocks about 1,200 sites total, of which YouTube receives the greatest amount of censorship.

Unfortunately for Facebook Pakistani fans, the blue and white social network still remains banned within the border until May 31st, although its unclear whether or not that ban will be extended into June.

Hopefully the courts will seriously consider unblocking Facebook, as blocking an entire website over the actions of a few is (to put it bluntly) idiotic and ridiculous as it only hurts the average Pakistani resident (who probably uses Facebook to communicate with friends and family).

Mark Zuckerberg Discusses Old And New Facebook Privacy Settings [Video]

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook CEO

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook CEOThere has been a lot of back and forth emails between Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and the media lately, almost always in regards to privacy standards, now an official video statement is available in which Zuckerberg speaks about the site’s privacy settings.

In the video Zuckerberg and Facebook Director of Platform Bret Taylor talk about user confusion over the sites built-up granular settings.

During the video both men make references to new settings being added on top of other settings, which eventually led to various additional controls that confused many visitors.

[Read more…]