Twitter For iPhone Coming Soon? (As In The Next 24 Hours) UPDATE: Twitter For iPhone Is Live (Sort Of)

Update: Twitter for iPhone is officially live! See below for updates!

It looks as if the boys and girls at Twitter have mysteriously pulled Tweetie 2 from the app store after buying Tweetie in April.

Clicking upon the iTunes link brings up the infamous “Your request could not be completed” error message, and a general search for Tweetie on the iPhone yields no relevant results (although it does bring up a few of Tweetie’s rivals).

However a search for Twitter on the iPhone does reveal an interesting revelation, mainly that the micro blogging company has already declared its presence upon Steve Job’s backyard, although they have yet to unveil an official app within the store.

As expected, Twitter is all a buzz about the immanent launch, although their is no official word from Twitter (via tweets or blog posts) or even a sighting on any of the international stores yet (at least as of this post).

It will be interesting to see how developers react to an official app in their backyard, although despite the odds a few developers are confident that they will survive the onslaught (as many of them have a few tricks left and have no intention of giving up).

Update: Twitter is officially on the app store via this iTunes link (hat tip: Mac Stories), although apparently it is still being rolled out to the masses.

Users outside of the US may have more fortune in downloading the app, as Americans are receiving the infamous “The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the US store.”

More updates (plus a review) when the app goes live!

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