BlogBooster To WordPress Fans: Don’t You Wish Your iPhone App Was Hot Like Me?


WordPress fans take note: it looks like we now have an iPhone app that may remove the pain from blogging upon our iDevices without resorting to “the way of the geek.”

BlogBooster has released an iPhone app that allows you to not only insert multiple images, but also includes a formatting bar allowing you to italicize, embolden, underline as well as strike through text without having to manually type in the coding. You can also manually insert hyperlinks as well (another plus!).

Although the app seems geared towards WP fans, BlogBooster also supports Blogger, Typepad and Tumblr, with more platforms on the way (not to mention an upcoming iPad app!).

Priced at $4.99 USD, some may wonder if the app is worth it, especially when their are less expensive rivals like BlogPress (not to mention free official alternatives for WordPress, Typepad and Tumblr).

So before you hit the buy button, here is an in depth review highlighting the good, the bad and the awesome regarding this new blogging app. [Read more…]

Yahoo Snatches Up Popular Facebook Games

Zynga Logo

Zynga LogoFacebook was able to keep popular Zynga games Farmville and Mafia Wars on their network with some last minute negotiations, but they weren’t able to keep their exclusivity which now includes Yahoo user support.

Yahoo has announced that they will allow access to both of the popular games featured on Facebook plus various other Zynga games which can be found directly from the Yahoo homepage.

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Good News: Hugo Chavez Hearts WordPress


After joining the Twitterverse in April, it looks like Venezuela’s President has decided to launch an official blog powered by WordPress (self hosted of course).

According to the AP, Chavez launched the site in order to help combat rumors being spread about him online, although right now his blog seems more geared to preaching “the revolution” (which is code word for socialism for you free market lovin’ capitalists).

Although the site makes no mention of WordPress (which might be a good thing for the company!), looking at the code behind the blog reveals the WP code from within. [Read more…]

WordPress Updates Blackberry App (Makes Me Want To Ditch My iPhone)


Once again it looks like us iLovers are getting the short end of the stick when it comes to mobile blogging (at least on WordPress that is).

It looks like Blackberry fans will now have the ability to not only upload video to their WordPress Blogs while on the go, but insert audio pod casts as well.

We are happy to announce that WordPress for BlackBerry version 1.2 is now available. Depending on your region or country, you might not see the latest version in the BlackBerry App World, but on your device you should now already see the latest version 1.2 . […] So what’s new in version 1.2:

  • Ability to show comprehensive site stats for sites and for self-hosted sites running the stats plugin
  • Ability to add audio recordings to a post/page
  • Ability to post media files that are not tied to post/page

(via WordPress for Blackberry)

The latest update should help WP Blackberry leap ahead of its WordPress Android sibling, who was blessed with video uploading capabilities as well as geo-tagging (features Blackberry fans have had for quite some time). [Read more…]

B2evolution 4.0 Launch Delayed?


It looks like b2evolution fans will have to wait a “little longer” before they can try out version 4.0, which is currently in pre-alpha mode (which is geek speak for not ready for public testing).

Apparently b2evolution 4.0 was suppose to roll out in April, but unfortunately the developers were not happy with what “b2evo” was in its current state, and have decided to post pone its release until the platform is ready for prime time (at least for testing purposes). [Read more…]

Facebook Rolling Out New Privacy Controls This Week

Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook Privacy SettingsOver the weekend Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised that Facebook would role out new privacy controls, noting that “We’ve been listening to all the feedback and have been trying to distill it down to the key things we need to improve.”

Apparently as I suggested in my response to his statement, providing simple privacy controls wasn’t brain science, in fact Facebook will role out the new simplified privacy settings this Wednesday rather than “in coming weeks” as he had stated on Sunday.

In true Zuckerberg fashion, we won’t know what the new product looks like until it rolls out, however I expect it will offer easier to find privacy settings, with the main concern of many Facebook users being that the social networking site hides to many of their opt-out options deep inside their settings pages.

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Twitter To 3rd Party Devs: Pony Up Some Cash

Twitter 3rd Party Pay

Twitter 3rd Party Pay

Twitter today announced that they are no longer giving 3rd party developers a free ride on their platform, demanding a cut of advertising revenues earned by outside 3rd party programs.

According to Duncan Riley:

The new demand follows a change to the Twitter API announced earlier that has banned all third party ad providers from auto-posting to Twitter accounts.

Twitter announced the changes in their Terms of Service (TOS) in which they state they should receive compensation:

“where Twitter content is the basis (in whole or in part) of the advertising sale .”

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When Will Drupal 7.0 Appear?


Drupal, a popular CMS used by many blog platforms (most notably the White House) is on the verge of releasing version 7.0 to the masses.

While the latest version promises improvements with security, javascript (speed?) and numerous bug fixes, what Drupal doesn’t promise is when 7.0 will be ready for the public to test out.

The release version of Drupal 7.0 will be ready after (a) there are no more critical bugs and (b) we’ve had at least one release candidate (RC) without adding any more issues to the list.

When will that be? Well, it depends entirely on how many people chip in and help out! The more people help, the faster we can find and fix bugs, and the faster 7.0 gets released. The faster 7.0 gets released, the faster we can start adding new features to Drupal 8.0. So help out where you can, and let’s make this the best and most solid release of Drupal yet! (Official Drupal Blog) [Read more…]

Twitter Kills “Pay Per Tweet” Companies (The Twitterverse Rejoices)

It looks like Twitter has finally made up its mind regarding third party tweet ad services (like Be-A-Magpie, BeTweeted and the infamous Sponsored Tweets via IZEA) and the verdict is “no ads for you!”

For this reason, aside from Promoted Tweets, we will not allow any third party to inject paid tweets into a timeline on any service that leverages the Twitter API. We are updating our Terms of Service to articulate clearly what we mean by this statement, and we encourage you to read the updated API Terms of Service to be released shortly. (Official Twitter Blog) [Read more…]

Facebook CEO Gives Pathetic “Half Answer” To User Concerns

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook CEO

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook CEOIt’s hard to tell sometimes if Facebook as a company really wants to work with their visitors to provide an environment they feel is at least semi-private and safe to use, or if like a good politician company CEO Mark Zuckerberg is simply providing a bunch of smoke and mirrors responses to visitors concerns.

In his first ‘public’ comment (a reprinted email response to an email sent by Robert Scoble) since privacy concerns have rapidly increased over the last few weeks, Facebook’s CEO admitted that the company had “made a bunch of mistakes” while promising to “get this stuff right” this time around.

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