Drupal For iPhone Is No Longer A Myth (Drupad)


After waiting many, many months for a Drupal iPhone app to appear upon Steve Jobs app store, it looks like a developer has finally created an elegant Drupal app for fans of the CMS service.

Entitled Drupad, this iPhone app gives Drupal lovers the power to manage their site on the go and is even iOS 4 compatible (unlike many blog apps on the app store unfortunately).

Priced at $4.99 USD, Drupad may seem to be a bit pricey when compared to other CMS/blogging apps (with the exception being Joomla Admin Mobile which is twice as expensive!).

For those of you wondering whether this app is worth the price of a hamburger or sub sandwich, here is an in depth overview of Drupad for those addicted to all things Drupal (and that mysterious blue face that haunts me at night). [Read more…]

Google Me Rumors Continue To Mount, We Continue To Get Excited

facebook google

facebook googleOn June 26th I reported that Google Me, a new social network from Google was in the works. During that announcement I quoted Digg founder Kevin Rose who leaked the announcement, today we have further confirmation of the Google Me program.

The full-fledged competitor has been outed further by former Facebook CTO Adam D’Angelo who said during a Quora Q&A session that Google Me is very real:

“This is not a rumor. This is a real project. There are a large number of people working on it. I am completely confident about this.

They realized that Buzz wasn’t enough and that they need to build out a full, first-class social network. They are modeling it off of Facebook. [Read more…]

TwitPic Pulls A Facebook, Bans Posterous


Whether you love them or hate them, it looks as if Posterous has angered yet another company, albeit for the right reasons this time.

In their attempt to liberate the twitterverse from having their images permanently hosted upon TwitPic which they announced earlier today.

A picture is worth 1,000 words.  Or 3 tweets, 2 blog posts and 4 status updates.  Which is why it’s important to keep your photos in a place that truly belongs to you.

We’ve had numerous users ask us to help them find a new home for their photos, and today we are announcing new tools to help move your photos from TwitPic to Posterous.

With Posterous, not only can you customize the look and feel of your site, you can also manage all your comments in one place. (Official Posterous Blog)

Unlike Ning, Xanga, Vox and Tumblr who all for the most part publicly ignored Posterous’s public challenge, TwitPic fired back by blocking Posterous’s servers from importing any more images off of the once favored tweet picture site (at least it will be when news of this spreads). [Read more…]

Google Taking A New Strategy In China

Google.Com.Hk Website screenshot

Google.Com.Hk Website screenshotWhen China said they would stop citizen’s from using Google’s uncensored search results the search giant began operating their servers out of Hong Kong, an area of China that doesn’t have the same censorship laws as the rest of the country, now Google is taking a whole new approach to provide Chinese citizens with uncensored search results.

In a post today Google said China would not allow the Google.cn redirection to occur, so they are providing a landing page at Google.com.hk which then lets users click on a link to head to the uncensored China search page.

Here’s the Google blog post: [Read more…]

Is Feedburner Still Relevant?


This is a guest entry by Jean-Baptiste Jung from Cats Who Blog.

Feedburner, the popular RSS tool, is used by many bloggers to serve feeds to their readers, but also in order to know how many people are currently subscribing to their blog using RSS. Despite the fact it can be easily hijacked, RSS subscriber count is one of the ways used to measure the popularity of a blog.

Back in 2008, Feedburner was bought by Google. It sounded interesting at first, but no significant improvements were made to the service, and shortly after Google took ownership, a major problem occurred, and millions of blogs saw their count dive from 5000 to 500.

Since last month, I have seen my subscriber count going up and down every day and show unrealistic numbers.
Look at the screenshort below:

On June 12, CatsWhoBlog had 1,730 RSS readers. Three days later, it had 1,110. And on June 21, according to Feedburner, only 437 were still reading my blog. [Read more…]

Need Push Notifications For WordPress On iPhone? There’s An App For That!


Even though WordPress is already planning (or rather debating) on updating WordPress for iOS with push notifications, it looks like a third party app by Kele (of DevShare) may finally alert WP fans whenever they receive a new comment upon their blog.

CommentPush let you receive iPhone push notification when someone leave comment on your blog or the blog you subscribe for a push notify.

You never need check your blog manually again and again just looking for new comment.

Working on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. (Comment Push)

The app only supports WP.org users (aka self hosted bloggers) as it requires you to install a plugin in order for the app to send push notifications to your respective iDevice.

Once installed, users have to configure whether they want to receive push notifications for every comment submitted (which is an insane option as that includes spam) or for verified comments that appear on your WordPress blog.

Unfortunately the app does not present you with an option to open up the official WordPress iPhone app (a feature I would pay money for!!) but instead launches you within Comment Push itself, who gives you the option to visit your blog in Safari.

Comment Push is currently free in the app store (note: iTunes link), and until the WordPress crew integrates push notifications within the WP iOS app, Comment Push is a must have app for WordPress fans everywhere.

Twitter’s Meteoric Rise Compared to Facebook [Infographic]

Twitter Statistics Infographic

Ever since Twitter’s public appearance at SXSW in March 2007 numbers have been dragged left and right and Twitter has always been compared to the Facebook numbers. There never seems to be an end to the numbers coming from Twitter: members, traffic or Tweets per Second (TPS).

Here at The Blog Herald we wondered How did Twitter grow that much? and Where do those Tweets come from?

The results are rather surprising and we learned that the top three tweeting cities in the US (Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco) averagely tweet less in one minute than when basketball fans and football/soccer fans go crazy and start updating the world in 140 characters maximum. Click the graphic for larger view.

Tumblr Makes Mass Editing Posts Fun Again


Tumblr has just rolled out a new feature that should make the Tumblr brigade (aka probloggers on Tumblr) rejoice!

It looks like users will now be able to add as well as edit tags upon numerous posts, as well as remove posts en masse without having to open up each one separately.

Still very beta, Tumblr’s new mass post editor currently supports editing tags and deleting multiple posts. More options are in the works.

You’ll see the “Mass-editor” button when viewing your blog on the Dashboard. (Official Tumblr Blog)

Tumblr’s mass editor is even easier to use than Google’s Blogger (which truth be told is light year’s ahead of WordPress).

It will be interesting to see whether other blog platforms like Typepad and LiveJournal (who each copied Tumblr’s reblogging feature, respectively) adopt this upon their own platforms. [Read more…]

Will WordPress Create A Windows 7 Mobile App?

With Microsoft launching Windows 7 Mobile to the masses in October, one has to wonder whether the world’s largest blog platform (after Blogger) is secretly creating a WordPress blogging app for Microsoft.

Although WordPress has yet to create an official app for webOS (which powers the Palm Pre), they will probably skip over HP’s mobile OS and instead embrace the Redmond software giant instead.

For those wondering why an open source company like WordPress would even seriously consider teaming up with Microsoft (who defines propriety software), here are three (3) reasons we will probably see a WordPress app debuting on Windows 7 mobile later on this year.

WordPress, Inc.

Although Blogger still dominates WordPress as far as traffic goes, Automattic’s platform has extended beyond personal diaries and is now being embraced by small businesses, large corporations as well as heads of state (dictators too!).

With blogs becoming an important tool for corporations (at least for those in the PR business) we may see Microsoft forge a deep relationship with WordPress in order to gain some traction with their phone. [Read more…]

Google Me Vs. Facebook, A Social War Is About To Begin [Rumor]

Google vs. Facebook Logos

Google vs. Facebook LogosLately there has been a lot of talk about Facebook competition, basically how there is none. Sure Diasphora is attempting to build a Facebook rival, but let’s be honest, without a few hundred million dollars it’s going to be an uphill battle…Enter Google.

According to TechTree, Google is planning to make a major push in the social networking arena with a new system called Google Me which would compete in the same space as Facebook.

With Facebook Open Graph Search launching, giving Facebook the ability to semantically create searches, it wouldn’t surprise me if Google ditched Orkut in the U.S. for a possibly more popular option, while keeping the very active site alive in Brazil and India where it’s a popular alternative to Facebook. [Read more…]