Twitter Sees New Per Second Tweet Record…Thanks World Cup!

Twitter Whale - Over Capacity WhaleTwitter set a per tweet record last week during the NBA Finals, however that record didn’t last long with the World Cup helping Twitter users send 3,282 tweets per second during a nail biting Japan victory versus Denmark.

The new tweet total, officially reported by Twitter, edged out the 3,085 tweets per second sent during the Los Angeles Lakers win over the Boston Celtics in this years final NBA game.

Compared to Twitter’s average of 750 tweets per second, it’s a huge 450% (approximate) jump in numbers, explaining why the Twitter whale keeps popping up right when I actually need to send messages.

With bigger, more exciting World Cup games yet to come, the 3,282 tweets per second could fall to a distant second after the conclusion of upcoming events.

Have you been sending Tweets during the world cup? If you have let us know what you consider tweet worthy in a World Cup game so we can track what’s making World Cup fans tweet so ridiculously much.


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