Twitter’s Meteoric Rise Compared to Facebook [Infographic]

Ever since Twitter’s public appearance at SXSW in March 2007 numbers have been dragged left and right and Twitter has always been compared to the Facebook numbers. There never seems to be an end to the numbers coming from Twitter: members, traffic or Tweets per Second (TPS).

Here at The Blog Herald we wondered How did Twitter grow that much? and Where do those Tweets come from?

The results are rather surprising and we learned that the top three tweeting cities in the US (Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco) averagely tweet less in one minute than when basketball fans and football/soccer fans go crazy and start updating the world in 140 characters maximum. Click the graphic for larger view.


  1. says

    Very interesting infographic piece!!!! The most amazing fact is how really (REALLY) fast Twitter reached its fists millionth tweet. And as with Google, they invented a technology as well as a verb… Greetings!

  2. says

    Excellent infographic (thanks for putting it together)!

    Many analyze the past and present, but not so many dare to predict the future. What does BlogHerald think? Will (or when will) Twitter beat Facebook in the % who use it regularly? :)

  3. says

    Geno, interesting question but my answer is a definite NO.

    Twitter is a new platform and protocol but Facebook copies everything. The only way Twitter could surpass FB is if it manages to get the original concept (text messages) available for free in less industrialised/’advanced’ countries.

    Think many Asian countries, many African countries. These are the countries which are in need of a TwitterPeek. Not countries such as the US and Western European countries where unlimited text messages cost hardly a thing.

    The first player who can open text messaging world wide wins the ‘battle’ but Facebook has become a home page to many people already.

    First hi5, friendster, Myspace, Facebook. Will there be a next new player in the next five years? Probably not.

    Is the next big thing after the internet upcoming? Let’s hope it because the internet is suffocating. Of course here at The Blog Herald we hope the wars will continue and many more will join the battle but so far only 3 won. The rest are copycats or get bought out.

  4. says

    Oh man! This is the sickest info graphic I have ever seen! Glad to see my state in the hot twitter area ;) Twitter does seem to be slowing down a bit lately with new users and losing its bit boom it had. However it still makes a great tool for getting in touch with your readers and spreading the word.

  5. Tigis says

    I don’t think this information is quite valid. If we remember only less than a month ago the hottest topic in Twitter had been a sex tape scandal from Indonesian celebrities. It was happening for several days in weeks. Now one of the hottest topic inside top 10 is also coming from Indonesia. How come Indonesia is not there :)

  6. says

    I have twitter acount but i never use it. I don’t understand the use of it. Personaly for me its an empty PIAR sound. Iv hear lots of advertisments over BBC radio1. It looks like the best friends of twitter are bbc. Who always advertise them (and from PIAR kind it looks like they do it for free)… anyway i see the profits they make, but u guys dont have any clue how much do they spend on advertisign. And till now it doesnt make more profit then expense on add`s. So my simple prognose. Once they will shut down their adds, 1-2weeks and they done. Noone will remmember. Its like a cheap pop star..
    The world is full of smart guys. Why do u think google didnt do it before?

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