Twitter Launches Promoted/Sponsored Tweets Before USA World Cup Game


If Europeans have all rights to mock Americans for their soccer skills and history, the World Cup has brought at least one thing to the USA but a gold plated trophy is not that thing. Nor are Vuvuzelas.

So what’s it?

Twitter launched promoted tweets just before the start of the USA- Ghana knock out game today.

For a long time people have wondered what Twitter’s business model was and promoted tweets, announced several months ago already now have made their appearance.

During the biggest sports event in the world, which broke the previous Tweets/second record, before the nation with the biggest number of Twitter users plays a knock-out game.

Twitter’s first partner: one of the biggest brands in the world, Nike and also sponsor of the national soccer team of the USA.

The promoted tweet ranks on top of the search for the trending tag #USA. Even when new results come in, the sponsored tweet stays on top of the search results. [Read more…]

Facebook Open Graph Search, A Semantic Web Tool That Actually Makes Sense

Google Facebook logos

Google Facebook logosThe Facebook Like button may just seem like a great way to share your favorite web stories with friends, but there’s more to the puzzle than you may think. Facebook has announced Open Graph search, an option which allows the site to search the web based off semantic (user chosen) website information, then display that information in your Facebook search results (on a small basis at the moment).

The new system could allow Facebook to more quickly and accurately gather website information than Google, while providing content users want to read, while forcing websites to pair up with Facebook in order to serve their nearly half a billion strong user base.

Unlike Google which sends out “Google Bots” to “crawl” the web, Facebook makes websites come to them. Don’t want to use Facebook Share or Like buttons? That’s fine, you just won’t show up in Facebook search. As stated at FastCompany:

“It doesn’t need a massive and constantly updating infrastructure to index the Web, Web masters will do its work for it.” [Read more…]

Twitter Sees New Per Second Tweet Record…Thanks World Cup!

Twitter Whale - Over Capacity Whale

Twitter Whale - Over Capacity WhaleTwitter set a per tweet record last week during the NBA Finals, however that record didn’t last long with the World Cup helping Twitter users send 3,282 tweets per second during a nail biting Japan victory versus Denmark.

The new tweet total, officially reported by Twitter, edged out the 3,085 tweets per second sent during the Los Angeles Lakers win over the Boston Celtics in this years final NBA game.

Compared to Twitter’s average of 750 tweets per second, it’s a huge 450% (approximate) jump in numbers, explaining why the Twitter whale keeps popping up right when I actually need to send messages. [Read more…]

Tumblr Embraces Twitter On iPhone (Adds Extra Features)


After updating their iPhone app in order to be compatible with iOS 4, it looks as if Tumblr has added an extra feature that will please tweetaholics.

Reblog posts to any of your blogs using the native editor. Even peek at the original post if you need to. […]

Click-through links and uploading via URL are now supported. […] ‘Send to Twitter’ switch now respects your individual blog settings. (Official Tumblr Blog)

While the native reblogging feature was long overdue (as defaulting to the web version in between was annoying), the selective “tweet your post” feature should make it easier to share specific posts to the twitterverse.

The click through link feature is also another welcoming development, as it will make it easier for Tumblrers to credit (via link) artwork discovered online and posted to their blogs.

Tumblr has not hinted on whether they will expand this feature to Facebook as well (instead of the default “share all or none” mode), although it’s good to see the company pack more features into their mobile apps.

Posterous Slanders Tumblr


Perhaps slander is a harsh word (malign and misinform might be better candidates), but it looks like Posterous campaign to demonize everyone continues with its latest target being Tumblr.

But blogging on Tumblr is sort of like being in high school.  But you know deep-down that you can’t be in high school forever.  Eventually, you have to move on.

It’s the same with blogging.  After you get your feet wet, you need comments and the ability to moderate them.*  You need to add different media types to each post.  Your sharing needs are more complex, and your site needs to grow with you. […]

With Posterous there are no limits to your self expression.  You can use Posterous to run your private family email list, proudly promote your business or set up a multi-user site where everyone contributes posts via email without having to set up an account.   If you can imagine it, you can do it on Posterous. (Official Posterous Blog)

As you can see from the graphic above, Posterous also indicates that Tumblr lacks “real comments” and privacy features, as well as a decent email-to-post feature (something that is considered standard for most blogging platforms).

Instead of dismissing the Posterous propaganda in its entirety, lets go through each of their claims to see if any of them have any merit. [Read more…]

WooThemes And Squarespace Team Up To “Kill The Spill”


With BP’s enormous oil spill threatening wildlife around as well as within the gulf of Mexico, several companies have decided to partner with each other in order to save animals smothered in oil.

In the past couple of weeks, the world has been hit by the devastating news of BP’s oil spill in the Mexican Gulf. Whilst this hasn’t affected a lot of us directly (just as a result of our geographical locations), we can all agree that this is a massive man-made disaster that needs to be fixed. […]

So we’ve teamed up with 3 amazing companies –MetaLabSquarespaceCampaignMonitor – to assist with the restoration of wildlife in the area: Kill The Spill is a new initiative from the 3 companies and it hopes to generate funds that will be donated to the National Wildlife Foundation. (Official WooThemes Blog)

Other companies like Micrsoft’s Bing are making similar attempts to help animals affected by the spill, although none of these companies are temporarily changing their backgrounds to “BP black” like Tumblr. [Read more…]

Vuvuzela Invades YouTube…Buzzzzzzzz

youtube vuvuzela button

youtube vuvuzela buttonGoogle loves to have fun on April Fool’s day and during various special celebrations, apparently the World Cup is no exception. The company placed a Vuvuzela button on their YouTube videos and it actually works!

Just click on the red soccer ball icon located below the video and the entire video, including it’s own sounds will be drowned out by the delightful (umm…or not) sound of the Vuvuzela. [Read more…]

Will Blogger’s New Video Player Challenge WordPress’s VideoPress?

After taking cues from YouTube, it looks like the boys and girls at Google have decided to update the Blogger video player in order to make it user friendly.

We also introduced a new video player that’s based on the YouTube player. The new Blogger video player allows full-screen viewing — now visitors can watch videos that you published on your blog in full-screen mode. The new player also features a better user interface, such as animated seekbar (the red bar along the bottom of the video) and bigger buttons. You can also right-click on the player to see more information about the video, such as playback performance (“Show Video Info”) or network speed (“Take Speed Test”). Note that despite the new video player, the videos you upload to Blogger are still only visible on your blog, not on YouTube. (Blogger Buzz)

While the video service is still not HTML5 complient, the UI is much more professional than when they first introduced video uploading for Blogspot users in 2007. [Read more…]

Another Day, Another World Leader Joins Twitter


It looks like another head of state has joined the Twitterverse, although unlike Hugo Chavez this President actually has some political clout (probably due to his access of nuclear weapons).

[W]e are honored today that President Medvedev of Russia stopped by our office for a brief tour and his inaugural Tweet.

It was incredibly generous of the President to stop by with such a busy schedule. Recognizing the power of new technology and learning to leverage it to advance humanity in positive and meaningful ways is a powerful display of leadership. It was a great chance for us to share our passionate belief that the open exchange of information can have a positive global impact. (Official Twitter Blog) [Read more…]

Is Posterous Suffering From “Little Big Man” Syndrome?


Posterous, the nimble blogging service that is similar (albeit more advanced) than Tumblr, has decided to help liberate users from dying platforms by offering to import their sites for free.

A lot of you have asked for help moving your old blog, photos or videos to Posterous.   You grouched about dying platforms that haven’t added new features in ages, sites that have made it too complex to perform the most basic tasks and places that smother your content in ads.

We hear you.  Every day for the next 15 days, we’ll add a new platform from which you can import your old content into Posterous.  Whatever the reason, whatever the site, we want you to switch to Posterous. (Official Posterous Blog)

Ironically the first site Posterous decided to attack was Ning, who caused a firestorm after shutting down their free service.

While it’s good to see Posterous offering more tools to import media from other services, they may want to rethink their strategy of “attack thy neighbor.” [Read more…]