Tweet With Multitasking On Your iPhone? iOS4 Support Goes Live

twitter iphone 4.0

twitter iphone 4.0

Finally! Twitter for iPhone has arrived with iOS4 support. Why is that important? It finally means multitasking can be accomplished with Twitter while running other applications at the same time. The program also debuts Retina display capabilities.

The new release is a much awaited addition which now allows Tweets to be received while the Twitter application runs in the background of the iPhone, an option that was not available on older iPhone operating systems which did not feature multi-tasking capabilities.

The new Twitter application also fixes the annoying “stuck top tweets” bug, promises a more secure Twitter build and brings photo and video posting thanks to Oauth support which has been fully integrated into the application. [Read more…]

FrontierVille Reaches 5 Million Users [Social Gaming]

frontierville screenshot

frontierville screenshot

Social gaming developer Zynga has once again hit web gold, this time with a game called FrontierVille which has been billed as Farmville meets Oregon Trail. In just two weeks FrontierVille has gathered up more than 5 million users and continues to grow. The 5 million mark is based off “active” daily users, the actual number is no doubt higher.

Zynga calls the game a spinoff to their ultra-popular Farmville and this time around the app was developed by Brian Reynolds a famous game designer most popularly known for his work on Civilization and Rise of Nations. [Read more…]

Why Guest Blogging is Useless for Link Building

My Blog Guest - Guest bloggers community

Guest posting NOT for linksThis is a guest post is by Ann Smarty, founder of a community of guest bloggers: My Blog Guest and first contribution as part of a new My Blog Guest – Splashpress Media partnership.

I used to be highly advocative of guest blogging as an effective link building strategy. I used to tell people that this way they could get a quality link back from a high-authority website for free. I used to say, these links (coming from high-quality content) are well-deserved and thus can’t be frowned upon by Google.

But now I wish I hadn’t said that.

Like many other things done online to promote yourself, the concept of guest blogging as the way to build links is being so much abused that it makes me shudder.

People go around spreading poor-quality content (even paying sometimes to get it posted on the blog) and call that “guest posting”. They send spam guest posting pitches and tell you they would “guest post for you for free” (never trust a spammer offering you anything for free. Spammers have nothing of value to offer!).

Now I am telling you: Don’t build links using guest posts. Forget about links. [Read more…]

Salesforce Takes “Chatter” Out Of Beta, Makes It Available To The Public

Chatter For Salesforce

Chatter For Salesforce has officially taken their Chatter program out of private beta, making the service available to the companies 77,000 customers and anyone else willing to sign up for their services. Chatter is now available as an integrated program and a stand alone application with development frameworks built in for developer use.

The product is available through the companies web portal, and AppExchange.

Chatter features an activity stream that will look quite familiar to Facebook users, which shouldn’t be a surprise considering the product is billed as a “Facebook for Enterprise” option.

Along with the stream option Salesforce has implemented a new group tool that allows users to create public and private groups which can then be used to share information about projects and to communicate about those projects. The Groups product allows small to large groups to communicate over streams, escalate project issues and voice internal and external concerns. If you want one feature that trumps them all, Groups is where you need to look when investigating the new program. [Read more…]

Apple Changes iPhone Policy, Begins Sharing Your Location Information

iPhone Location Based Services

iPhone Location Based ServicesLocation based services have taken over the cellular market in the last several years and now Apple has decided that your location information may be worth a bunch of cash. Apple changed their company license today to state that they now store “the real-time geographic location of your Apple computer or device” and that they have the right to share it with “partners and licensees.”

Apple is working to calm customer fears, claiming that all location based data is “collected anonymously in a form that does not personally identify you.” It’s a statement that should seem familiar to Facebook users who were told the same thing months ago, only to find out that their profile information and the profile information of their friends were being shared with advertisers.

Unlike Facebook, there is apparently no way to opt-out of the Apple policy. Actually that’s not totally true, you can refuse to ever download another app for the life of your device and then stay away from the iTunes store, at which point you aren’t forced to agree to the companies new terms of service before proceeding with purchases. [Read more…]

Posterous Declares War Against Spammers

With nefarious spam on the rise throughout the blogosphere (both human and inhuman), it looks like Posterous has finally given users the ability to moderate comments upon their blogs.

If you want to prevent comments from appearing on your site without your approval on your Posterous blog — now you can. You’ll get an email whenever a comment gets posted to your blog, and it’ll be up to you whether that comment gets approved or rejected. You can turn this setting on for each of your sites individually.

You can either approve or reject the comment directly on the post, or go to your Manage page and click Moderate now. (Official Posterous Blog) [Read more…]

Significantly Speed Up Your WordPress Blog in 9 Easy Steps

Improve WordPress SpeedYour blog’s loading speed affects more than just user experience but is now a factor used by google to determine an overall ranking for your site. The reasoning is clear: according to Google and other search engines’ goals, which is to provide the most relevant search results from sites that offer the best user experience. Site speed is definitely something we cannot not ignore and should take advantage of every opportunity to improve.

Here are 9 effective techniques and tips that can be easily implemented to make your blog lightning fast.

1. Disable Unused Plugins

This is one of the easiest things we can do to reduce load times. I know many of us get carried away trying out the thousands of cool plugins available but we need to bear in mind the fact that they use system resources. Assess whether you need the plugins that you have installed and determine if they necessarily serve a useful purpose. Also, deactivated plugins that are not deleted can possibly create loopholes and back doors that hackers can exploit so delete them and maintain security for your blog. [Read more…]

Squarespace Courts iPad, Ponders Android App

After flirting with the idea of an iPad app, it looks as if the boys and girls at Squarespace have finally decided to develop an official app upon Steve Jobs “greatest creation.”

As far as Android goes however, the company is still giving the standard “we’re thinking about it” reply.

iPad App: This is a big one, and we get a lot of requests for it. The app is in development right now, but we don’t have a solid date for you. Once we have something more concrete, we’ll share.

Android App: Another big one. This one isn’t quite on the roadmap just yet, but we see a lot of support for it, so we’re kicking the idea around and determining how best to get our look and feel onto this platform as we have on the iPhone. (Official Squarespace Blog) [Read more…]

Drupal’s OnSugar Embraces Change and Adds Social Widgets


It looks like lovers of Drupal will have yet another reason to avoid switching to Blogger or WordPress.

OnSugar (which is owned by the Sugar, Inc. network) has finally embraced both Twitter and the Facebook like button, the latter which was integrated by both Typepad and WordPress two months ago in April.

If you’ve been following our Twitter or Facebook accounts, you’ll know that we’ve been working on an easy way to add sharing widgets to your site.

After a few weeks of rigorous testing, you’ll be thrilled to hear that they’re now available! If you’re using a featured OnSugar theme, the sharing widgets will be automatically turned on. (Official OnSugar Blog) [Read more…]

Microsoft Live Messenger Gets iPhone App Love, Plus It’s Social Media Friendly

Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live MessengerIt’s really easy to forget that some social media still occurs through instant messaging applications, as a reminder Microsoft today has officially launched Windows Live Messenger for iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

The new app lets users chat with their Windows Live friends and their Y! Messenger buddies. The program also lets you see what your friends are up to on popular social networking services which includes Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and Myspace. Users can also comment on their friends social pages directly from the application.

Not enough for you? how about photo uploading with caption creation capabilities, the option to create photo albums right from your iPhone or iPod Touch and the choice to receive IM notifications even when the app isn’t loaded. [Read more…]