Thinking of Starting a Blog? Reasons to Begin Blogging Today!

This article was written by Timothy Ng who is a regular personal finance writer at Credit Card Finder.

In today’s computer-driven society there isn’t much that cannot be done on the Internet. People shop, listen to music, watch videos, communicate with people on the other side of the globe, play games, buy and sell things to each other, and even do business.

One of the biggest phenomenon that has been born out of the Internet revolution has been “The Blog” and blogging.

What is a Blog?
In very simple terms, blogs began life as online journals or diaries that could be shared with friends and family. Years later and blogs have evolved into something much bigger, and more powerful. If you haven’t yet discovered the world of blogging then you are probably missing out.

We will have a look at some of the reasons people blog, and I would hazard a guess that most (if not all of you) will fall into one of the groups that benefit from being involved in the blogging world.

Personal Satisfaction
Many people have kept journals through the years, and I have heard many people saying that they get very therapeutic benefits from putting their thoughts on “paper.”

It has been said that a problem shared is a problem halved, and some people find it a great way of keeping their head clear, as well as keeping friends and family up to date with their day to day lives.

It also gives you a chance to get your voice and opinions heard. Politicians have even talked about changing policies based on what they have read on people’s blogs.

Remember that once you upload your blog to the Net it is there almost indefinitely so you could think of it as a modern day time capsule.

You Are Starting a Business
Getting a new business off the ground is not easy, yet the Internet has given us a whole new way of marketing, advertising, and getting our names known. In “the old days” a company would need to advertise in local papers, magazines, or consider expensive television and radio advertising to create new business globally.

They would be limited in the number of people they could reach for this reason, and without people hearing your message you are always going to struggle to build a business.

There are many areas within your business where blogging would be of major benefit:

Become known – By building an established blog people will begin to know your face, and what your business does. If you connect with your readers in a way that keeps them coming back you are onto a winner.

Brand awareness – When a blog becomes popular it can almost become a brand in itself. By making a blog for your company you will be getting your brand/company in front of the eyes of millions of potential customers.

Networking – Blogging allows you to meet other people within, or related to your business. It helps you build relationships with people that may become customers or colleagues. Before the Internet there was no real way of networking this efficiently, and certainly not with the global reach that comes with the web.

Get Into Writing
When I was younger I wanted to get into writing and journalism. Mainly in the sports area but I would have been happy anywhere in the writing world.

Back then it was a case of writing letters (remember them?) to editors of magazines, and newspapers, and then bombarding their offices with phone calls asking for a trial job. Most of the time you would get a polite no, and other times you may get the chance to make tea and coffee with them whilst shadowing a junior reporter!

I am not saying that breaking into writing is a cakewalk today, but there are many more avenues and opportunities for aspiring writers. By creating a blog you get to showcase your writing talents.

More importantly you have the potential to have your writing spread around the world like wildfire if your blog becomes popular. Perez Hilton and his amazingly successful blog is a prime example of how this can happen.

If you are passionate about a particular subject then write about it. If you have specialist knowledge to share with people about a subject that means a lot to you then blog about it. The Internet provides the perfect platform for writers to get their stuff read, and published in a way that the offline world of writing simply cannot.

Blogging Can Make You Money!
As well as using blogging as a vehicle to make your own business successful, you can actually make blogging itself your business. Many people around the world who had never run a business before now run successful blogs and make great money doing it.

It is not easy, and is certainly not the get rich quick deal that many Internet marketers would have you believe.

There are various ways people make money with blogging. Some people just develop a very popular, and well visited blog and then sell advertising space on it. If your blog receives a lot of traffic then this will be attractive to companies looking for new places to place their marketing material.

Another way people make money with blogging is by building blogs based around a certain subject area, and then promoting various products, and services associated with that subject. It is even possible to become an affiliate for other companies, and to promote their products on your blog for a cut of the profits.

A Game of Chance
In the same way that writing a blog will not guarantee you a book, or movie deal if you are an aspiring writer, building a blog for business will not make you an instant millionaire. Blogging is very competitive, and like anything else requires a lot of dedication and a little bit of luck.

One thing is for sure, whatever the reason for you blogging, there is a real satisfaction when you see tons of new readers coming to your blog, and it is a great feeling when you start a worldwide conversation about something you care about.

If you haven’t yet started a blog, do it now! Blogs give you a chance to connect with the world in a way no other medium can match.

This article was written by Timothy Ng who is a regular personal finance writer at Credit Card Finder, a 100% free Australian credit card comparison and application service. Visit the Credit Card Finder website for more information, or subscribe to their RSS feed for more practical articles.

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    Wow.. this is certainly an eye opener! :) For me.. my reason for blogging is to keep track of the things that I learn and also share them to who ever find is useful. :)

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    Blogging is the way to communicate on the web. Traditional websites didn’t provide the two-way channel to talk to people and listen to them. Blogs are made for such bilateral talk. You can build trust and credibility for yourself using blogs.

    Since I’ve started blogging, my outlook to the web has been dramatically changed.

    Rahman Mehraby
    Site Booster Blog

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