Yelp “Copies” Groupon, Starts Offering Local Deals

Yelp Daily Deal Program

Yelp Daily Deal ProgramYou may have noticed on the homepage of your Yelp mobile app that deals are popping up in certain markets, the move is an attempt by Yelp to copy the success of the popular Groupon program which offers local limited-time offers to users.

According to The Next Web the company is going to implement a “daily deal” featured and the functionality is being testing in certain markets with select users. According to Yelp’s Community Manager:

“We are testing it out for fun to see what kind of response it generates… Also, there will be another Deal coming out on Wednesday so look for it!”

Goods and services will both be offered with significant discounts, just like Groupon. The one advantage? Yelp has a much bigger user base than Groupon (recently valued at $1 billion). [Read more…]

Defining the Characteristics of an Outstanding Blog Editor


This is a guest post by Mark, the creator of StayOnSearch a Search & Social Media Blog and president of Search Creatively.

Having a blog editor can be a great asset in maintaining the quality and standards for your blog. For any blog that is looking to grow and add new bloggers to contribute content, there is going to come a time when you will need to hire a blog editor. However during the growing pains of a blog, the blog editor may also have various other responsibilities, until you are creating enough content to keep an editor busy full-time. Without having a system in place for quality assurance your content will suffer and you can start to lose loyal readers and traffic.

Let’s take a look at the different characteristics that make up a great blog editor. [Read more…]

Tweet Media: Show Your Videos And Photos In The Stream

Tweet Privacy - Tweet Media

Tweet Privacy - Tweet MediaTwitter today announced a new featured called “Tweet Media” which allows users to choose whether or not they want their photos and videos tho show up in the stream, a move that makes it seem likely Twitter will soon embed videos and photos into a users Twitter Stream.

Tweet Media, which earlier today was accessible to some users under their account settings menu asked if they would like to share photos and videos with everyone. Here’s the setting verbiage:

“By default, you’ll only see images and videos shared by people you’re following, and reveal those by people you’re not. Check this box to see media from everyone on Twitter.” [Read more…]

Installing Disqus On Blogger Is Now Idiot Proof


Despite the fact that Disqus has one of the best commenting layouts in the blogosphere, installing the commenting platform upon Blogger (aka BlogSpot) was extremely cumbersome (at least when compared to rivals like Intense Debate).

Today Disqus has announced that they are adopting a new method to install their commenting system upon Blogger, which should please users who have no desire to dig through the code.

We’ve made it much easier to integrate Disqus with your Blogger layout. Using the Gadget functionality we’ve been able to improve the time of integration, and now require no patching of your template. Simply authorize Disqus, add a Gadget with your sites Disqus code, and you’re good to go. (Official Disqus Blog)

This should help increase Disqus’s popularity with BlogSpot fans, especially those who loathe all things CAPTCHA (which not only doesn’t work, but marginalizes the visually impaired).

Currently Disqus is available for all major blogging platforms (except for not surprisingly, as well as upon the  iPhone (via an unofficial app), the latter which may help users moderate their comments while they are on the go.

Jealous Of WordPress, Textpattern Community Plots iPhone App


After watching Automattic dominate the mobile verse with WordPress for iPhone, the Textpattern community for the past few years has been debating about how an iPhone app can be created for their users.

The demand for an iPhone app is so great that a few of their users are thinking about converting to the “dark side” in order to be able to blog upon their beloved iDevice.

That’s the bit that’s really pulling me towards using WP for an uncoming project – the ability to add images quickly and easily using a iPhone or Android app (a client specific request).

I don’t want to move away from TXP, but this worries me (slightly) that with new technologies and platforms coming forward will TXP stand at this current point, or will it be able to roll forward. Maybe with the next ‘big’ release it’ll quash those fears. (via Babyben) [Read more…]

Installing WordPress Plugins Just Got Easier


Mark Jaquith (a lead developer of has developed a tool that will make installing WordPress plugins 10 times easier than the current method being employed by millions of WordPress fans.

Instead of searching for your plugin upon or Google, Jaquith’s new method will allow a user to install a plugin by simply typing its name and clicking upon the “install plugin” button.

But why are we offering plugins the same way we were in 2004? We have a built-in plugin installer. Let’s use that! So how would you do that? I guess you’d just tell people “Hey, go to your wp-admin and search for ‘My Awesome Plugin.’” That introduces a lot of chances for failure. They might even end up with the wrong plugin!

I made a better way, and will be working on integrating this into this summer. […]

The tool auto-detects the WordPress installation by looking at the X-Pingback header. You’ll be presented with the plugin installation form for your blog. Click “Install Now” and the plugin will be installed. Much easier, and you know they’re getting the correct plugin. (Mark on WordPress) [Read more…]

The Visual Guide to Daily Deals Sites

Our friends at DailyBits had a look at the popularity of daily deals sites and how these sites are structured, how they function. The result was a great infographic which we show an excerpt off here.

You can view the complete infographic, with an analysis of the most popular newcomers in 2010, here at Daily Bits: The Visual Bible to Daily Deals Sites, What They Are and How They Work.

Real World Meets Farmville…Again! 310 Million Organic Blueberries Involved

organic blueberries

organic blueberriesThe other day we reported that Farmville had invaded the real world, making their Farmville Bucks available through various Green Giant produce products, today the tables have switched and the real world is invading the social game.

The invasion comes courtesy of Cascadian Farms, an organic Blueberry farm which has watched as 310 million organic blueberries have been planted. To put those numbers into perspective, it took 1 million players purchasing 20 coins each to plant that number of crops.

While Taami Nutz had a brand-sponsored peanut in early 2010, Cascadian Farm is the first to see their logo and brand enter into the FarmVille market. [Read more…]

Crisis Averted: Thesis Submits To WordPress GPL


After a heated debate between the founder of WordPress (Matt Mullenweg) and the creator of the mighty Thesis theme (Chris Pearson), it looks like cooler minds have prevailed with Pearson finally embracing GPL for Thesis via a split license.

Friends and lovers: Thesis now sports a split GPL license. Huzzah for harmony!#thesiswp (via @Pearson) […]

@tomoswyn It has no practical implications for 99.9% of people. It just means the PHP is GPLv2 and the CSS, JS, and images are proprietary. (via @Pearson)

Previously Mullenweg hinted at taking Pearson to court over the GPL violation, which resulted in many bloggers debating over whether or not GPL could be enforced upon a theme developers (at least within the US). [Read more…]

VaultPress To Court WordPress Multi-Sites?

After sending golden tickets to users on stand-a-lone WordPress blogs, it looks like Automattic (the company behind WordPress) will be supporting multi-sites soon.

Unfortunately the only thing that is preventing multi-sites from being supported can be summed up in one word: billing.

Right now VaultPress is for standalone instances of WordPress only, but the question on everyone’s mind seems to be: what about MU + MS? With the merge of MU and WordPress into MS (multi-site) with 3.0 I’m not surprised it’s a hot topic.

For WordPress MS users, we just need to figure a few things out first, namely billing and enumerating your blogs. On the tech side, hooking into MS is not going to be hard since it’s basically just a bunch of WordPresses. (Official VaultPress Blog)

Emphasis: Mine. [Read more…]