Foursquare Talking With Top Search Engines [Report]


foursquareIt’s confirmed, Foursquare is currently in talks with the nets top search engines, including Google Microsoft and Yahoo.

Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley has told the Telegraph:

“Our data generates hugely interesting trends which would enrich search,” while adding, “We can anonymise data and use it to show venues which are trending at that moment. Twitter helped the world and the search engines know what people are talking about. Foursquare would allow people to search for the types of place people are going to – and where is trending – not what.” [Read more…]

Need A Reason To Switch Blog Comments To Disqus? There’s An App For That


Known for spicing up blogs with their dead simple commenting system, Disqus has emerged as one of the leading commenting systems online (the other being Intense Debate).

Despite the fact that Disqus comments are mobile friendly (at least upon the iPhone), the company provided a mobile app to help users moderate comments while on the go.

Fortunately for Disqus lovers, a Peer Assembly has created an iPhone app by the name of DisqusPro that allows users to moderate comments without having to resort to email commands.

Priced at $2.99 USD, DisqusPro offers disciples of Disqus an elegant way to moderate comment threads, a feature rivaled only by the official WordPress app.

For blogging pros wondering whether DisqusPro is worth every penny (or whatever currency you prefer), here are some of the highlights, as well as setbacks that may help you decide if DisqusPro is worth the price of a small sandwich. [Read more…]

WordPress Upgrades Publicize To Facebook App


WordPress has upgraded a feature for blogs that allows users to share images from blog posts to their Facebook friends without have to dabble with third party software.

Starting today, however, we’ll cherish your images as much as we already do your text and video; when sending a Facebook Profile update, will include any image you upload to the post. Image support was the #1 most requested feature for Publicize: Facebook, and we’re happy we finally got around to it[.] (Official WordPress Blog) [Read more…]

New MySpace Profile Pages Start Showing Up

New Myspace Profiles

New Myspace ProfilesIt’s official Myspace is currently showing off their redesigned profile pages.

Mashable received the following confirmation from Myspace:

“We’re testing a new look and feel of our site among users and the response so far has been positive,” adding “As always, we’re interested in hearing feedback from our community as we roll out enhancements to the user experience and look forward to sharing more details with you in the coming weeks.”

Users are beginning to see the new profile pages as they slowly role out to the general MySpace population. [Read more…]

MSNBC Media Host May Sue Blog Over Domain Name?


With lawsuits being the theme of today, it looks like we may have another case where a media personality fails to secure a domain name based on their first and last name.

Apparently the Daily Caller (by Tucker Carlson who is conservative) purchased which currently masks the Daily Caller’s website.

MSNBC’s host Keith Olberman apparently did not have enough common sense to secure his own domain name to prevent this scenario, and it looks like this whole fiasco may head to court. [Read more…]

Inevitable: WordPress To Sue Thesis Founder


Another day, another impending lawsuit brews on the horizon. While no briefs have been filed yet, it looks like WordPress is probably going to have to sue a successful theme developer in court in the (not to distant) future.

Andrew Warner of Mix Energy fame was able to interview the founder of WordPress (Matt Mullenweg) as well as Chris Pearson (the creator of Thesis) over whether or not Thesis needs to embrace the way of GPL (or General Public License for you non-geeks).

After watching (or rather listening) to the video for almost an hour, it looks as if the only ones who are going to win in this upcoming battle will be the lawyers who once again will go home full of food and cash.

Update: video added below. [Read more…]

Facebook Warning: Coca-Cola Ad Scam

Coca Cola

FacebookFacebook users beware! There’s a new Facebook Scam going around for the popular soft drink Coca-Cola.

According to the ad if you click on the included link you can learn the “truth” about Coca-Cola.

The exact message reads:

“I am part of the 98.0% of people that are NEVER gonna drink Coca Cola again after this HORRIFIC video.” which then shows a link to the product. [Read more…]

Inspired By Twitter, Tumblr Embraces OAuth

After dethroning Typepad for the bronze medal of bloghood, it looks as if Tumblr has finally decided to implement OAuth within its API (or application programming interface for you non-geeks) for third party clients.

For increased security and more resilient third-party apps, we’ve started early testing of OAuth support in the Tumblr API.

We’ve modeled our implementation after Twitter’s in many ways, supporting OAuth 1.0a with optional xAuth, upon request, where it makes sense such as mobile and native applications.

The existing authentication methods in the API are still supported for now, but we encourage developers to migrate to OAuth when possible. (Tumblr Staff Blog) [Read more…]

Squarespace To Blogosphere: Are You Ready For The “Next Great Leap?”


Squarespace has just announced  that the company has just added $38 million to their war chest which they will use to hire more engineers, expand their location and help improve their (already) impressive service.

While news of the investment will probably make waves in the startup world, what’s interesting are the “secret” plans Squarespace has for their service, which might help convince a few users to defect to the dark side.

This investment — a growth stage investment on top of an already successful business — will allow us to more rapidly produce the sort of products we want to make, and focus on getting those products to market.   This investment will support our product, team, and geographical expansion initiatives. […]

Squarespace customers will be the real beneficiaries of this transaction.  We want to grow into the company that can deliver the next stage of our vision — and I wanted to ensure nothing stood in the way of that.  We are now cleared of all obstacles that stand in the way of us building our next generation platform — which will emerge over the coming months. (Official Squarespace Blog)

Note: Emphasis mine. [Read more…]

Facebook Going Mobile With Like Button and Open Graph


Facebook LogoFacebook has announced that their Open Graph and Like Platforms are going mobile.

Head of mobile products Eric Tseng said at the MobileBeat 2010 conference in San Francisco that the company “really sees mobile as the future.”

The move to mobile especially makes sense for Open Graph when partnered with geo-location based technology. Users could walk into a store that’s having a sale, receive information about that sale and then see relevant reviews or suggestions from their Facebook friends about those products, creating a more interactive advertising platform for retailers. [Read more…]