Facebook iPhone App Upgrade Fixes Jailbroken Device Login

Facebook iPhone AppThe Facebook for iPhone App has just been released with a new version (3.2.2). The new upgrade option fixes a login issue that has been plaguing jailbroken iPhone users.

The fix comes just several days after the apps developers posted about the issue on their official Facebook app page. Users can download the new version of the program by visiting the “Updates” tab in the iPhone App Store.

The update description also states that Facebook Places is currently only available to users in the U.S. and “We’re working on making this available in other countries soon.”

Users in other countries are able to see the Places on their apps tabs section (located in the middle of all other options, as pictured above), but they can only view other users’ checkins, making the program slightly useless, with a message displaying “this feature will be available in your region soon.”

Regardless of who can use the application, the move to quickly fix jailbroken device login issues shows how far reaching jailbroken devices have truly become and it’s a move in the right direction for one of the most used iPhone applications.

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