WordPress To Blogger: Our Stats Are Better Than Yours

Filed as News on September 30, 2010 4:41 pm

After watching users rave about Blogger Live Stats (which just exited Blogger’s beta labs), it looks like Automattic (the creators of WordPress) are firing back by unveiling a redesigned stats dashboard of their own.

As you hover over each bar in the chart it changes color and displays a tooltip, giving you more information about the data. If the chart is showing data by day, Saturdays and Sundays have a light gray background to make it easier to see weekly patterns. Under the chart you’ll notice a new area, called “fortune cookies,” where we’ll highlight key stats.

During the redesign we went with bar charts because the end of one day and the beginning of another shouldn’t be connected. Each day starts at zero and we think bar charts work much better for this type of data. We hope you’ll agree once you get used to the change. (Official WordPress Blog)

WordPress’s stat design is based upon Flot (which was created by Ole Laursen), which allows WP fans to view their analytical data from not only their desktop, but their iPhone and iPads as well.

Thus far this new redesign is only available for WP.com users, although Automattic is planning on rolling this out to self hosted fans in the near future (although you can check out the new feature by logging into your WP.com account).

While this feature is a dramatic improvement over WordPress’s previous stats (which was not very elegant), it’s still a close second to Blogger Live Stats which uses maps to help you track where one’s visitors are coming from.

Either way we will probably see Google and Automattic battle it out over the next coming months (via Blogger and WordPress, respectively) for blog supremacy, which means that in the end users (regardless of preference) will win.


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