State of The Blogosphere in 2010


One of the biggest questions about the internet since several years is ‘How big is the blogosphere’ or How many blogs are there?. While the answer to the last question almost impossible to count is, BlogPulse currently tracks almost 150 million websites, identified as blogs.

We wanted to know more and decided to analyse more data, such as how much revenue is generated from blogs and what are the key demographics for the blogging publishers. We also were interested in the languages used online and their spread. The result of all this can be found in our State of The Blogosphere infographic.

The average earnings made by blogs are a ten fold of the investment made to sites with most hobbyists surprisingly missing out on any earnings, but investing an incredible $1,500 in their blogs. In these economic challenging times for many, maybe it’s time to reconsider mortgages and loans and get some solid advice from the folks at Credit Loan. After all blogging is not a cheap task it seems and part timers invest even more in their blogging habits, more than $10,000, with rather low profit.

With huge thanks to the team of for this graphic.
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PressHarbor: WordPress For The Rest Of Us


A long, long time ago, in a place not so far away a company emerged from the shadows offering WP fans an alternative to Automattic’s

Launched in 2007 by the folks behind RackShare, PressHarbor provides a safe haven for WP fans looking for a WordPress centric hosting company without the limitations of Automattic (the latter who created WordPress).

Probably considered one of the first WP centric hosts to emerge online, PressHarbor prides itself on offering users features that they will need instead of presenting options that they will probably never use.

The folks behind PressHarbor were kind enough to let me test out their hosting service, which presented a few surprises “under the hood.” [Read more…]

Facebook Places UK Now Live [Beta]

Facebook Places

Facebook PlacesThat didn’t take long, Facebook Places just recently went live in the U.S. and now the world’s largest social media network has launched the UK portion of their location based service.

Okay, so the program isn’t available to everyone at this time (Facebook is rolling it out to select users for testing), but given how quickly Facebook tends to beta test and then give full roll outs to their products, it’s only a matter of time.

UK users can find the program at and via the official Facebook iPhone App.

Just like the U.S. version of the program users have full control over who they share information with and privacy controls are defaulted to “friends only.” [Read more…]

Wanna Block Students From Facebook? Good Luck With That [Study Fail]

Harrisburg University Logo

Harrisburg University Logo

The University of Science and Technology at Harrisburg last week announced that they would ban Facebook, Twitter and other social media access for a one week period. There goal? To understand how students, faculty and staff would react to the move. In other words, would students lose their minds. While the idea was interesting, most students decided to take no part in the experiement.

According to Eric Darr, the provost who created the experiment, only 10% – 15% of students have chosen to participate in the experiment and those numbers are based off his own inconclusive research. The truth of the matter is, with cell phones, off campus computers that are not connected to the schools administrative restrictions and other means of connecting to the internet, there was simply no way for the program to work as hopes. As Jimmy Fallon put it “We all have smartphones, dumbass.” It should also be mentioned that Harrisburg is “non-residential” which means students live off campus where they can access the internet at will, leaving only classroom and on-campus time restricted.

According to USAToday, Nationwide, 92% of students log into Facebook and spend an average of 147 minutes there per week. [Read more…]

Busy Week for Opinions in Social Media


SocialSmackIt’s proved a busy week for opinionated people in the realm of social media. Two new sites have launched in the last week that afford users the ability to save and share their thoughts about products and places: Fablistic and SocialSmack.

Fablistic, geared towards social networking via ratings and reviews, aims to bring a more interpersonal touch to the format behind traditional opinion powerhouses like Amazon reviews. Fablistic has a five point approach: save, share, organize, remember, and explore. In essence, it provides users a way to remember what they thought about things like restaurants, books, movies, electronics, or other products and services. While they’re at it, they can let their voice be heard across the Fablistic site and discover other topics that might be of interest by viewing the opinions of others. [Read more…]

The Zynga Statistics: Games, Platforms, Timeline and Revenue Analysis

Zynga: statistics, growth and revenue analysis.

One of the hottest startups right now is, without a doubt, Zynga. Hot not because of all the features and its sudden rise in popularity, but ‘hot’ because the company led by CEO Mark Pincus has a real business plan and is estimated to earn more than $1million per day already.

Even though it had been the subject of a crude attack by Michael Arrington, Zynga continued to grow and Mark Pincus was voted CEO of The Year 2009 by Michael Arrington’s organised Crunchies. Needless to say, Zynga has continued to grow and now counts even more games than before. We sat down and analysed the company, its platform and timeline, as well as Zynga’s revenue.

Many thanks to the team of Infographiclabs who created this graphic for us.

Is BlogOnCloud9 WordPress Heaven?


After discovering the brutal reality that hosting companies were more concerned with turning a profit than fine tuning their servers, Dana Rockel and Karen Jackie decided to rescue WordPress fans by entering the WP hosting arena themselves.

Thus BlogOnCloud9 was born.

Founded in February of 2010 by the team behind ContentRobot, BlogOnCloud9 offers WordPress bloggers a cloud based solution for those seeking friendlier host who actually tries to help resolve WP related issues (instead of pointing them towards a search engine).

Utilizing the power of Rackspace (their host), BlogOnCloud9 seems geared towards medium sized sites such as small businesses, probloggers and hobby bloggers who have become a little too popular.

The folks at BlogOnCloud9 were gracious enough to give me a test spin under the Guru plan, and are even offering readers $10 off for the first month  of service (see below for details regarding this offer). [Read more…]

OnStar Begins Beta Testing Facebook App

OnStar Logo

OnStar LogoA beta group of OnStar customers today received the ability to test the company’s new Facebook application.

Beta testers were able to add their Facebook log-in credentials through the web, then after enabled they could hear Facebook status updates from inside their vehicle.

Users simply push the OnStar button then ask for “Virtual Advisor” they then give the command for “Facebook” and their newsfeed begins to read outloud in their vehicle.

According to OnStar, the system also has the capability to recognize acronyms and read them outloud. For example LOL would be read as “laughing out loud.” Users can then stay “stop” and say “update Facebook” at which point the users spoken message is turned into a Facebook page status update. [Read more…]

Say Goodbye to Amie Street, Amazon Says

Amie Street

Amie StreetIn a move that is bewilderingly shocking to some news outlets, Amazon has acquired for an undisclosed amount. The move, however, could have been viewed as inevitable, since Amazon has been funding Amie Street since 2007.

What should be the focal point of surprise for most is that Amazon plans to shut down the services as of September 22nd. has been a seller of downloadable music since 2006. Its unique roots were its pricing; songs became more expensive, capping at a maximum of $.99 per song, based on how many people purchased them. The more popular, the greater the cost. In stark contrast to this is Amazon’s own music download service, Amazon MP3, which has a set price similar to Apple’s iTunes.

It appears as though Amazon will shift’s customers over to that format exclusively, as it was announced to users in e-mail that a $5.00 credit towards Amazon MP3 purchases would be given to them when shuts up shop. [Read more…]

Is WordPress VIP Beyond Reach? Let HostCo Wipe Away The Tears

Wheel Icon: Wordpress

Despite the glories of hosting your blog upon, you often have to trade in freedom (as in plugins, ads, etc.) in order to find a secure and fast host.

Of course the only exception to this rule is WordPress VIP, which Automattic (the creators of WordPress) allows a publisher to customize their WP site to their hearts content.

Unfortunately WordPress VIP is a curated service (which is geek speak for “highly selective”) which means even if one had the funds, they may not be granted a seat at the table.

However there is an alternative for WordPress fans seeking a hosting company that majors in power and minors in frills by the name of HostCo, a WordPress only hosting company (similar to, but is geared more towards high end users. [Read more…]