Baby Wants A Facebook Account, 92% Of Toddlers Have Their Own Social Media Presence

Baby using computerA recent study conducted by the Internet security firm AVG has discovered that nearly 92% of children in the U.S have some type of online presence by the time they reach just 2 years of age.

The study included 2,200 mothers who told the firm that 81% of their babies have photos uploaded to their accounts or have their very own social network accounts setup for keeping friends and family informed of their daily activities. The total number of toddlers (2 years and under) with accounts in the U.S. alone is a staggering 92% compared to 73% in Europe.

That same study states that nearly one in four children in the United States have an online presence before their even born, while that number increases to 37% in Canada and falls to just under 15% in western Europe.

The study also shows that 7% of babies have their own e-mail addresses made for them right after they are born.

The research also shows that mothers are often just “following the crowd,” with 18% of mothers stating that they were just creating accounts because their friends did it for their own children.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, would be happy to know that only 3.5% of mothers questioned said they were concerned about their child’s personal information being stored on line from the time of birth (or earlier) and into their adulthood.

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