Facebook Wants To Tell The Story Of Your Friendships, To Everyone!

Facebook Friendship Page

Facebook is rolling out yet another new feature, earlier this week we announced that Photo Memories will no longer show pictures of your ex, but this time Facebook wants to show off your various relationships.

The option, known as Friendship Pages was developed by Facebook software engineer Wayne Kao and gathers information between you and each of your friends to create separate walls of your posts, comments, photos (which have been tagged) and other information between you and each friend.

According to Kao:

“For those of us who have worked on it, the best part is the human side of these Pages. They can bring back memories, conversations and times spent together.”

You can find the friendship pages under the main photo of your friend’s profile page and on links throughout your wall posts and related stories pages.

If you’re friends also have permission to view both people’s profiles they can also view their friendship streams.

The Friendship Page option is going live today, but will most likely be rolled out slowly to different Facebook users.

Here’s a bigger screenshot of the new friendship page:

Facebook Friendship Page - Large View

What do you think about this new option? I’m already digging it.

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