Here’s One Foursquare Badge You May Get, But Will Never Truly Deserve

Doug Wheelock Foursquare Check-in Message

Doug Wheelock Foursquare Check-in Message

So here’s an example of outside the box thinking, an Astronaut this week used his Foursquare account to check-in from the International Space Station. For his efforts Doug Wheelock unlocked the “NASA Explorer Badge.”

Okay, so maybe you can get the badge in the future, with plans underway to unlock the badge at NASA related events, but let’s be honest, your NASA badge won’t be even one-tenth as cool as Wheelock’s. Like I said, you might get it, but will you ever really deserve it?

The check-in wasn’t a random act, NASA and Foursquare used the event to announce their new partnership, including a new NASA Foursquare page. By using the page you can check-in at NASA related events and then receiving information about those events, almost like a virtual guide delivered right to your mobile device. [Read more…]

Are Joomla Extensions More Popular Than WordPress Plugins?


The folks over at Joomla have achieved a new milestone for the CMS/blog software by announcing that the platform has finally surpassed the 6,000 mark.

While their total third party extensions pale in comparison to WordPress and Drupal’s inventory (which as of this post total at 11,731 plugins and 6,752 modules, respectively), the Joomla crew are boasting higher downloads than their rivals.

The Joomla! Extensions Directory (JED) reached 6000 published listings this week.  We wanted to take a moment to share what that means and additionally give an overview of how the JED statistics compare with both WordPress and Drupal. […]

Here’s the real picture…  While there are more add-ons listed in the WordPress directory, the number of downloads in the Joomla! Extensions Directory is far higher and more than double the average per extension!  Drupal’s data is incomplete, but included is an educated guess based averages of their provided usage data. (Joomla! Community Portal)

According to Joomla!’s stats (as shown below), 138,976,526 extensions have been downloaded compared to 124,149,718 WordPress plugins despite having about half of the available custom third party extensions/plugins. [Read more…]

New Twitter Disappears, Then Reappears, We Wish It Stayed Away

Twitter Bug

Twitter BugThe new Twitter disappeared today for much of the Twitter visiting population, just over a week since it first appeared.

Users have always been able to revert to the old Twitter, which many have done, but it was the first time the option was not available, even upon request.

Just after the issue was first reported Twitter reps reached out, ensure users that the issue had been fixed and that the lack of New Twitter support was nothing more than an error on the company’s database. [Read more…]

Stop Using Twitter! Washington Post Journalists Told To Ignore Popular Social Hub

Washington Post Logo

Washington Post Logo

Washington Post journalists have been told by the company to back away from Post-branded and personal Twitter accounts when it comes to speaking on behalf of the organization.

The memo came after the paper post a controversial article titled: Christian compassion requires the truth about harms of sexuality.”

The article was published after several gay teens were bullied and eventually committed suicide. The article argued that the issue was one of mental health, basically stating that homosexuality was a mental illness. The proclamation of mental illness led to GLAAD complaining about the piece, which led to Washington Post employees defending the piece since it provided “both sides” of the story. As expect GLAAD took to Twitter stating that their are not “two sides” to the issue, which led to more bickering from Post employees.

After all was said and done Post Managing Editor Raju Narisett sent the following memo to his employees: [Read more…]

Ning Launches iPhone App!


With social networks like Twitter and Facebook dominating the iVerse, it looks like Ning has finally decided to launch an iPhone app in order to help its premium customers manage their social networks while on the go.

It’s now even easier for Network Creators to manage and monitor their Ning Networks on the go. We’re excited to announce that a Ning iPhone app for Network Creators is now available in the Apple iTunes Store.

This app makes it possible for Network Creators with iPhones, iPads or iPod Touches to access their Plus and Pro Ning Networks. […]

The Ning iPhone app is part of our Ning Everywhere effort, which allows Network Creators to customize, integrate and make their social Web sites accessible on any device or service. While this new iPhone app is for Network Creators to manage their Ning Networks, thanks to the new Ning API, Ning Pro networks can bring a better mobile experience to their members. (Official Ning Blog) [Read more…]

Search Engine History

Search History

Ovewr at Performancing a new infographic about search engines has been released by the Infographiclabs team. After the detailed Google History graphic we recently published, this new infographic takes a look a the different search engines there have been in the last 20 years. A trip down memory lane for everyone who’s been online longer than 5 years now. You can view the complete infographic at Performancing.

WordPress Joins Google As An Official Domain Register

Despite their partnership with GoDaddy, it looks like Automattic (the company behind has been granted status as a domain register by ICANN.

As some folks have noticed alreadyAutomattic is now a “real” domain registrar (ID #1531). This has been a goal of mine for several years now, chiefly because I am a bit of a domain collector myself and I’ve never been completely satisfied with the domain buying or management experience on any of the usual players. Second, custom domains are a popular feature on and should become even more popular with some changes we’re introducing this month and it’ll be good to be able to provide a fully integrated experience for our users there. It’ll be a few months while we build all the tools necessary to begin taking advantage of our registrar status so in the meantime we’ll continue to use Godaddy, who has been an excellent partner. (Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress).

Automattic joins Google (the latter who owns Blogger) as an official domain register which should give the company some extra leverage over rivals like Squarespace as well as Say Media’s Typepad.

Depending on their prices, domain registration could potentially provide with yet another major revenue stream outside of WordPress VIP, various premium services and VaultPress (the latter which is still currently in beta).

It’s still unclear as to which domain extensions Automattic will be able to register (aside from the .com, .net and .org tLD’s), although hopefully the company will be able to expand its reach into international extensions like .co, .uk or .wp (note: joking on the last one!).

(Image Credit: Norebbo)

First Conan O’Brien Guest Might Be Voted Onto The Show By Twitter Fans

Conan O'Brien Blimp

Conan O'Brien BlimpConan O’Brien will return to TBS on November 8 and now a social campaign is under way which let’s fans vote for who they believe should be the hosts first guest on his new show.

Okay so you can’t choose just any guest, there are twelve choices, such as Lady GaGa and Tom from Myspace and some of those choices are probably not going to happen, such as Pope Benedict. Visitors to the voting site choose their favorite, then push their vote out to Twitter with the #ConansFirstGuest hashtag.

Users will also notice a leaderboard, which shows the guest most likely to appear on the show.

Team CoCo however do warn fans on their site that the “winner” may not show up, since they have no guaranteed way to make the winner appear.

“None of these people have actually been booked on our show … We’re kind of hoping that, if someone on this poll starts getting a lot of votes, these folks will actually feel a bit guilty and will agree to be our first guest.” [Read more…]

ExpressionEngine To Leapfrog WordPress On iPhone? (iExpression)


After introducing the world to iExpression in July, Red When Excited (from the United Kingdom) has been tirelessly working on improving their unofficial ExpressionEngine app with the impending release of version 1.4 for iOS.

While iExpression’s latest version promises to match WordPress for iOS by allowing EE fans to upload videos to their blogs, the app goes one step further by including an additional feature lacking from official and unofficial video blogging apps (like BlogPress).

We are adding some cool file management features. Take a photo or record a movie and instantly upload. Upload files (archives, movies, pictures, WHATEVER) from e-mail attachments, web-pages, or other applications and very importantly your Dropbox account :-) You can also delete files you no longer need. Wicked. (Red When Excited Blog)

Red When Excited has also provided a video (as shown below) highlighting the upcoming features which should help give ExpressionEngine fans an edge over their WordPress rivals on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. [Read more…]

LOLapps Unblocked From Facebook After 2-Day Hiatus, Privacy Issues Resolved


LOLappsLOLapps, one of the larger and more popular Facebook app creators was blocked from Facebook two days ago after it was determined that their programs were sending private user data to advertisers, now two days after the block Facebook has reinstated the provider.

Facebook and LOLapps have both come forward and admitted that most user data leaks were accidental and that developers in violation of such issues, including Zynga (maker of FarmVille and MafiaWars), have taken the necessary steps to be placed back on the company’s network.

LOLapps CEO Arjun Sethi posted the following message on his companies blog:

“When we were informed of the issue the relationship that put us into this category was immediately dissolved.”

[Read more…]