Reddit Aids In Slow Death Of Digg In 2010, Increases By 230%

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Reddit Logo Vs DiggWhile we watched Digg stumble from their perch in 2010 upon the release of their new interface, another popular social link sharing website Reddit, saw traffic numbers increase by more than 230% from January through December.

Reddit announced January 2010 pageviews of 250 million, while December pageviews brought in 829 million views. If you’re doing the math, that’s a 231.6% increase in just 12 months.

Adding insult to Digg injury, Reddit execs also announced that the average “time spent on site” stats have vastly improved, from 12 minutes and 41 seconds in January to 15 minutes and 21 seconds in December.

To put Reddit’s meteoric rise into perspective, Digg in July received 200 million pageviews with many indicators pointing to a shrinking user base that appears to be working in Reddit’s favor.

It also appears that Reddit growth has no plans of slowing, the company recently increased the number of servers they are running from 50 to 119, while memory capacity was bumped from 16TB to 48TB and delivery capacity was pushed form 10.1 trillion bytes to 44.4 trillion.

I smell a buyout of Reddit coming by mid-2011, unless Conde Nast (Owners of Reddit) have something even better in store for us.

Here’s a closer look at the Reddit Growth Chart:

Reddit Numbers

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